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A Boston man is set to be arraigned on Friday after he allegedly assaulted a woman and then challenged MBTA Transit Police to a fight, telling them that he was a "ninja."

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officers said they received a call around 9 a.m. Thursday about a woman who said she had been "indecently assaulted" by a man as she was walking from the Orange Line to the Red Line. The woman was able to point out the man, who was sitting on a bench nearby.

Officers approached the man, later identified as Josue Estrada, 30, and told him he was being taken into custody. Estrada refused to comply, and instead challenged the officers to a physical confrontation, referring to himself as a "ninja."

The officers were able to gain control of Estrada, and brought him to Transit Police headquarters, where he was charged with indecent assault and battery. He is expected to be arraigned on Friday in Boston Municipal Court.
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