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Seems like too much force

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Articles' started by res2244, May 26, 2020.

  1. RodneyFarva

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    Full autopsy report.

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  2. RodneyFarva

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    You're 100% right. I can't wait to see them all walk.
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  3. Hush

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    They still think Mike Brown was murdered with his hands up for being black. There's no reasoning with them, we're not even on the same planet. They want a revolution? Well ..ok. It's not going to go how they picture it. They are protected by hacktivist DA's, try and pull that shit outside of Portland and see how it goes for you. It will be bloody, but brief.

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  4. mpd61

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    This 100%
    The COVID-19 situation is the ambient negative environment. The Narratives (lies) being fostered by the left and irresponsibly perpetuated by the media regarding George Floyd etc. over the summer was the burner placed on high.
    The Election will be the lid blowing off the pot
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  5. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Louisville is about to implode with the Breonna Taylor case, another no win situations. At first it sounded pretty terrible. Now that the facts have come out, as Omar from The Wire would say....It's all in the game. If you don't mind your blood pressure spiking, watch this mess. You're right, I do hate you. Has nothing to do with color, but everything to do with culture.

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  6. CCCSD

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    Ilk have no culture...
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  7. PG1911

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    I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating. The problem we have today is not that people disregard laws and rules, it's that they believe that laws and rules don't exist or don't apply to them. It's one thing to not give a shit about the law but understand the consequences of breaking it, and another to seriously believe that it is actually morally wrong to hold someone accountable for their actions. People are angry because they honestly believe that they have a right to do whatever they want to do up to and including harming others and that stopping them from doing so is a violation of their rights.

    The problem is that the media and academia fuels this. They tell people, especially black people, that you need to fight the police, because the police are literally out to murder you. They tell people that the system is so rigged against them that you can't go to court and get justice, so you have to settle it right then and there. And of course, whenever people act up and get slammed on the ground or shot, the media reports only what started the police encounter and what the end result was without ever mentioning what led to the situation getting violent.
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  8. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    Derek Chauvin Released From Jail After Posting $1 Million Bond
    Oak Park Heights, MN – Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was released on Wednesday from the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Oak Park Heights when he has been held pending trial for the murder of George Floyd.

    WCCO reported that Chauvin was transferred to the Hennepin County Jail at about 9:40 a.m. on Oct. 7 so that he could post $1 million bail.

    State records showed that the former police officer posted a non-cash bond secured by Allegheny Casualty.
    Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested on May 29 and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s death during his arrest. His charges have since been upgraded to second-degree murder.

    On June 3, former Minneapolis Police Officers Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder for their role in Floyd’s arrest.

    The officers had responded to a call about a counterfeit $20 that Floyd had allegedly used to make a purchase at a deli.

    Store employees pointed out the suspect to police and they arrested him.
    The complaint used to charge Chauvin said Floyd actively resisted arrest and then fought being put in the back of a police car once he had been handcuffed.

    Viral cell phone video showed then-Officer Chauvin and three other officers holding Floyd on the ground.

    The video showed Officer Chauvin held his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, during which time the suspect lost consciousness.

    Chauvin remained on Floyd’s neck for almost three minutes after he was unresponsive.
    Floyd was pronounced dead 90 minutes later at the hospital.

    After three days of violent riots and looting that left Minneapolis and its sister city, St. Paul, in flames, the state investigative agency announced it was making an arrest.

    Six pieces of new evidence were filed in the case in September after attorneys for former Officer Thao requested the release of full autopsy reports from the medical examiner.

    Former Officer Thao’s attorneys requested the judge order the Hennepin County medical examiner to release the full autopsy reports on Monday, KMSP reported.
    The attorneys wanted access to the complete reports from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, the Armed Forces medical examiner, and the private examination conducted by forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden at the behest of the family.

    The report from the Armed Forces medical examiner revealed that doctor agreed with the Hennepin County medical examiner’s final pronouncement that Floyd’s death was a homicide, KMSP reported.

    “His death was caused by the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine and fentanyl intoxication,” the Armed Forces medical examiner said in a memo.

    However, two other memos that were entered into evidence on Aug. 25 painted a very different picture of Floyd’s cause of death, according to KMSP.
    A May 26 memo written by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker had told them he didn’t think Floyd had died of asphyxiation.

    “The autopsy revealed no physical evidence suggesting that Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation,” Baker told prosecutors, according to the memo.

    But at the point, he hadn’t gotten the toxicology results back.

    A second memo entered into the prosecutor’s file against Chauvin showed that the medical examiner said he thought it was likely that Floyd had died from an overdose, KMSP reported.
    Baker told prosecutors on June 1 that Floyd had a “pretty high” and potentially “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system when he died.

    “[Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death,” the prosecutor’s memo about the conversation with the medical examiner read.

    Former Officer Thao’s attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the two aiding-and-abetting charges citing a lack of probable cause.

    An attorney for one of the other officers charged in Floyd’s death filed a motion to dismiss the charges against his client, too, on Aug. 18 claiming that Floyd had actually overdosed on fentanyl while resisting arrest.
    Earl Gray, the attorney for former Officer Lane, said in the motion that Floyd swallowed fentanyl tablets while the officers were trying to take him into custody, KMSP reported.

    Gray said that the bodycam video of Floyd’s arrest showed a white spot on his tongue that disappeared a moment later.

    In the motion to dismiss, former Officer Lane’s attorney argued it looked like Floyd was swallowing “2 milligrams of fentanyl, a lethal dose” in order to avoid being caught holding the drugs, KMSP reported.

    “All he had to do is sit in the police car, like every other defendant who is initially arrested. While attempting to avoid his arrest, all by himself, Mr. Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl,” Gray wrote in the court filing. “Given his intoxication level, breathing would have been difficult at best. Mr. Floyd’s intentional failure to obey commands, coupled with his overdosing, contributed to his own death.”
    He argued there was no evidence to establish probable cause that his client had contributed to Floyd’s death, KMSP reported.

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  9. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    He needs a GoFundMe and a plane ticket to a non extradition country. If that junkie fuck who OD'd gets a gold casket, Chauvin should pull the plug on this country and go live on a beach somewhere.

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  10. RodneyFarva

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    I was thinking the same, there is no way he is going to get a fair trial. If he makes it to the trial.
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  11. mpd61

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    Can you believe the friggin cover of Vanity Fair!?!?

    A beautiful life? Of being a mule and calling drug dealer boyfriends in jail? WTH
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  12. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Fuck the left, we better win this election or the country will go down the fucking toilet.

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  13. USAF286

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    Is that real??
  14. HistoryHound

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    Same thing Rolling Stone did with the glamour shots and story about Flash Bang.
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  15. visible25

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    :D:D:D:D Classic throwback nick name
  16. CCCSD

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    Next she’ll be lauded as the Wakenda of EMS and nominated for sainthood...
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  17. kdk240

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    I know I haven't posted much in the few months but my new take is this.
    Mrs. And I were talking last night.
    I'm done all around i can't take it. I've lived for 3 things my whole life. This job, my country and my wife and kids. If things go continue to head in the shitter which they will. I'm ready to sell the house, buy a boat (wife and her family been sailing since childhood and she's good at it. I'm ok) and we're living off the grid.

    It's been a great roll, but we're just done. And as far as the job, it is what it is. The pols and the people have and never will see us for what we really are and it will get worse.

    For now, ill shag my calls, do my job, but that's about it. No.extras for these wingnuts.
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