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Seems like too much force

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Articles' started by res2244, May 26, 2020.

  1. EUPD377

    EUPD377 Southern Campus Cop

    The media cares about facts least of all. I’ve been on a riot line, working mutual aid with nearby city cops. We’ve had shots fired at us multiple times every single night. The next day the news always says that the protests were “largely peaceful” and has neglected to mention all the times we’ve been shot at, and the fact that multiple gun stores have been broken into and cleaned out. There’s been media people out near our lines ducking for cover every night when rounds were popped off, so I know that they know what’s been going on, and that they’re deliberately ignoring it.
  2. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    If you think recruitment was an issue before wait till you see how this affects recruitment now. So many officers will retire early as they had enough and nobody wants this job anymore.

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  3. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    Unfortunately, alongside the awful deaths of Mr. Floyd as well as genuinely peaceful protestors caught in the crossfire in the Louisville incident; two brave men in blue have been killed by rioter(s)/looter(s). Capt. David Dorn of the St. Louis Missouri Police Department (ret) as well as a Federal Protective Service officer in Atlanta (I could not find a name or picture)

    Here is a picture of Capt. David Dorn. We should all remember him alongside the FPS officer, Mr. Floyd and the peaceful protestors killed in the Louisville incident.

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  4. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

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  5. EUPD377

    EUPD377 Southern Campus Cop

    Patrick Underwood, FPS Protective Security Officer, killed by a drive by shooter during riots in Oakland, CA. Second FPS PSO critical from the same incident. A0584EF1-F5BA-4B4E-B8A9-15657BBFC8F0.jpeg
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  6. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    Can't let facts get in the way of the story they want to tell. They're not reporters anymore. They're actors.
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  7. FAPD

    FAPD MassCops Member

    HH on the point again!
    I would like to puke on those smug idiots on "morning Joe" on MSNBC. Infotaiment for the libtards who can't think for themselves.
  8. Quo Vadis

    Quo Vadis MassCops Member

    FBI involvement doesn’t necessarily mean that a federal statute was violated; the FBI and other federal agencies are sometimes asked to provide investigative support in a state/local matter.

    In this case, as you know, the officer in question is suspected of violating both state and federal laws. Those investigations proceed at their own paces, and it isn’t very unusual for a state/local investigation to move faster than a federal one. Sometimes a slower pace means more attention paid to relevant details, and a stronger case in the end (or no case at all—see Ferguson).
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  9. Drebbin

    Drebbin MassCops Member

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  10. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

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  11. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    They will be America's version of the IRA. And why not? What we're seeing now was pretty much how the The Troubles started in Northern Ireland.

    I will say this: If these "peace officers" are allowed to carry ARs through their neighborhoods with politician approval, there better not be ONE fucking law abiding citizen jammed up for "assault weapons" possession. It'll be Lexington and Concord all over again if that happens.
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  12. Drebbin

    Drebbin MassCops Member

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  13. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    I got tired of dealing with this shit last year and stopped trying to get back on the job and took my career in another direction. I prayed for a sign that this was the right decision. To all of law enforcement and planet Earth in general: I’m sorry about all that. I think this must be all my fault.:(:eek::D
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  14. FAPD

    FAPD MassCops Member

    Newsome confirmed that the BLM "peace officers" would also be armed and open carry guns in states that allow it.
    Ha Ha
    Here in Mass they'll just continue to carry concealed while holding up their pants, should make em easy to spot LOL!!!
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  15. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Gonna be a LOT of “Peace Officers” being booked into jail for interfering/aiding/Abetting escapes...
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  16. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Sounds like a lot of ill conceived ideas are being floated around. I’m all for holding an officer or officers accountable if they do something criminal. But the answer is not to empower an armed militia. That sounds like they’re trying to start a civil war.
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  17. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    And attempted murder.
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  18. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    They are.
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  19. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    Minnesota BCA just released the full bodycam footage today
  20. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    We're letting them burn the country over this crackhead. 2020.
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  21. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Yep. We’ve lost the UNITED States.
  22. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    This video is a wealth of exculpatory evidence and I can't see any conviction supporting a murder charge.
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  23. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    When he gets off, that could finally spark a full civil war; BLM/Antifa will go from torching buildings to blowing them up. Instead of rioters throwing bottles and bricks at cops, it'll be cells of terrorists shooting it out with officers. The U.S. is about to become Northern Ireland (though we're about 95% of the way there anyway).

    Of course, it's the DA's own fucking fault; it's the reason a lot of people in these cases get off; the state charges the crime that the angry masses want rather than what the crime actually was.
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  24. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Bring it

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  25. EUPD377

    EUPD377 Southern Campus Cop

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all. I have great uncle who was an RUC officer during the Troubles (he is a Catholic so he managed to be hated by the IRA and other republican groups for being RUC and hated by the loyalist Protestant groups for being Catholic, talk about a shit sandwich). He always says that America is reminding him more and more of his time in service during the Troubles every day.

    Can’t wait til we have to routinely patrol in armored vehicles like they did to avoid flying molotovs and gun ambushes.
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