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Seems like too much force

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Articles' started by res2244, May 26, 2020.

  1. USAF286

    USAF286 MassCops Member

    I think she said something about him being real nervous and quick and liberal with his use of the pepper spray

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  2. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    I was quite surprised the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension were the agency to arrest Derek and the Hennepin County DA assessing the charges as opposed to the FBI making the arrest and the US Attorney General assessing the charges.... I was always under the impression (correct me if im wrong) that whenever the FBI are involved/called in, it always means that a federal statute was violated
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  3. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

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  4. trueblue

    trueblue MassCops Member

    Had a conversation with a civilian friend of mine and listened as he said, “these cops need to be charged with murder, put away for life, lose their pension and on and on....Then I was reading numerous media stories on this incident. Like my friend, very few mention “due process” which all are entitled too. I’ll wait for this to be given to the officers accused before I play judge and jury. Just my 2 cents.....
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  5. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    State may drop the charges if the feds come in with something worthwhile. Or they might both charge and see who wants to go to trial first.

    You know the feds, they aren't quick but they are pretty thorough.
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  6. USAF286

    USAF286 MassCops Member

    Allegedly Chauvin’s driveway...

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  7. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    He could get concurrent sentences as in state prison to federal prison or vice versa.... its way too early to say anything though; we have to let due process run its course.
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  8. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

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  9. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    That Arizona shooting is so disturbing. That guy had no business being a cop. Hope he is in prison.

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  10. USAF286

    USAF286 MassCops Member

    What the hell was that??? That was terrible

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  11. res2244

    res2244 MassCops Member

    Brailsford was found not guilty by a jury for charges of second degree murder. He was fired by Mesa PD following the pending charges by the Maricopa County DA but was later reinstated as a part time officer afterwards so that he could secure his pension. He didn’t work much as an officer afterwards despite being part time and did something in the steel industry, mostly cause of his disgraced reputation at the department. The pension was around 2,500 a month and MPD also covered medical expenses for PTSD therapy

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  12. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Looked like a scared little boy like the way he was acting in the video.

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  13. 02136colonel

    02136colonel Supporting Member

    I guess Paul Blart did graduate from the academy after all? That’s all I can think watching that video. Respect my authority or you’ll be dead.
    Reminds me a little bit of the FPS security guard who drew on the Cop in Ohio, too
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  14. Joel98

    Joel98 MassCops Member

    Surprise, surprise....

    And yet the riots continue....oh wait, that’s right, no one cares about facts anymore.
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  15. Joel98

    Joel98 MassCops Member

    Here is the Minneapolis DA’s criminal complaint. It seems a little sloppy and lacking in verbiage.


    On May 25, 2020, someone called 911 and reported that a man bought merchandise from Cup Foods at 3759 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota with a counterfeit $20 bill. At 8:08 p.m., Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Officers Thomas Lane and J.A. Kueng arrived with their body worn cameras (BWCs) activated and running. The officers learned from store personnel that the man who passed the counterfeit $20 was parked in a car around the corner from the store on 38th Street.

    BWC video obtained by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension shows that the officers approached the car, Lane on the driver's side and Kueng on the passenger side. Three people were in the car; George Floyd was in the driver's seat, a known adult male was in the passenger seat and a known adult female was sitting in the backseat. As Officer Lane began speaking with Mr. Floyd, he pulled his gun out and pointed it at Mr. Floyd's open window and directed Mr. Floyd to show his hands. When Mr. Floyd put his hands in the steering wheel, Lane put his gun back in its holster.

    While Officer Kueng was speaking with the front seat passenger, Officer Lane ordered Mr. Floyd out of the car, put his hands on Mr. Floyd, and pulled him out of the car. Officer Lane handcuffed Mr. Floyd. Mr. Floyd actively resisted being handcuffed.

    Once handcuffed, Mr. Floyd became compliant and walked with Officer Lane to the sidewalk and sat on the ground at Officer Lane's direction. In a conversation that lasted just under two minutes, Officer Lang asked Mr. Floyd for his name and identification. Officer Lane asked Mr. Lloyd if he was "on anything" and explained that he was arresting Mr. Lloyd for passing counterfeit currency.

    Officers Kueng and Lane stood Mr. Floyd up and attempted to walk Mr. Floyd to their squad car (MPD 320) at 8:14 p.m. Mr. Floyd stiffened up, fell to the ground, and told the officers he was claustrophobic.

    MPD Officers Derek Chauvin (the defendant) and Tou Thoa then arrived in a separate squad car.
    The officers made several attempts to get Mr. Floyd in the backseat of squad 320 from the driver's side. Mr. Floyd did not voluntarily get in the car and struggled with the officers by intentionally falling down, saying he was not going in the car, and refusing to stand still. Mr. Floyd is over six feet tall and weighs more than 200 pounds. While standing outside the car, Mr. Floyd began saying and repeating that he could not breathe. The defendant went to the passenger side and tried to get Mr. Floyd into the car from that side and Lane and Kueng assisted.

    The defendant pulled Mr. Floyd out of the passenger side of the squad car at 8:19:38 p.m. and Mr. Floyd went to the ground face down and still handcuffed. Kueng held Mr. Floyd's back and Lane held his legs. The defendant placed his left knee in the area of Mr. Floyd's head and neck. Mr. Floyd said, "I can't breathe" multiple times and repeatedly said, "Mama" and "please," as well. The defendant and the other two officers stayed in their positions.

    The officers said, "You are talking fine" to Mr. Floyd as he continued to move back and forth. Lane asked, "should we roll him on his side?" and the defendant said, "No, staying put where we got him." Officer Lane said, "I am worried about excited delirium or whatever." The defendant said, "That's why we have him on his stomach." None of the three officers moved from their positions.

    BWC video shows Mr. Floyd continue to move and breathe. At 8:24:24, Mr. Floyd stopped moving. At 8:25:31 the video appears to show Mr. Floyd ceasing to breathe or speak. Lane said, "want to roll him in his side." Kueng checked Mr. Floyd's right wrist for a pulse and said, "I couldn't find one." None of the officers moved from their positions.

    At 8:27:24, the defendant removed his knee from Mr. Floyd's neck. An ambulance and emergency medical personnel arrived, the officers placed Mr. Floyd on a gurney, and the ambulance left the scene. Mr. Floyd was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center.

    The Hennepin County Medical Examiner (ME) conducted Mr. Floyd's autopsy on May 26, 2020. The full report of the ME is pending but the ME has made the following preliminary findings. The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.

    The defendant had his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in total. Two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after Mr. Floyd was non-responsive. Police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject in a prone position is inherently dangerous.

    Defendant is in custody.``
  16. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    All moot since the riots are due to white supremacy groups, not peaceful “locals”. Glad that got straightened out. Damn Whites, always fucking up and not following the rules.
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  17. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

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  18. IrishCop

    IrishCop International Member

    As an outsider the reaction to this incident seems way out of proportion, it's as if your whole social structure is hanging by a thread with violence and rioting ready to occur at any time.

    'I can't breathe' protests heat up as person shot dead, officer left with fractured skull

    Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis
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  19. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    As soon as he pulled the trigger, I'm sorry but I uttered, "You fucking asshole" several times. I was amazed by that video. People make mistakes in high stress situations, but WTF? This was BEYOND a mistake. I don't for a second think that I could walk in my knees with my hands in the air when I was scared shitless, and he WAS crawling. HE SAID CRAWL, not "Walk on your knees."

    I hate second guessing cops, HATE IT, but this guy, just a dangerous person. Glad he's not 'one of us' any more at least not full time. Fucking stooge (and not the good kind)

    On the other topic....
    I have a friend (via Words With Friends) from Minneapolis who said that it was believed that 12 busloads of rioters had gone to the city, totally disrupting a peaceful demonstration. We all know there are those who want ACTUAL justice, those that want anarchy and those who are just scumbag opportunists who see these situations as a great chance to vandalize, destroy and steal. The first group, I applaud. They may be slightly misguided in believing that ALL cops are bad, but they want to display their beliefs in a peaceful and constructive manner and believe that mass demonstrations are the only way.

    The other two groups are scum, plain and simple and instead of making things even SLIGHTLY better for ANYONE, they simply ramp up the crazies on both sides of the issue.

    But hell, everyone on this site already knows that.
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  20. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    I got into last night with some twenty something (game friend) in England who can't understand that the protesters and the rioters are different people. He swears that the only reason there is violence is because............. the cops are starting it. I tried getting him to apply logic and reason by asking what made more sense type questions. Well apparently I have my head buried in the sand while we're headed toward our own Tiananmen Square. You just can't reason with the willfully ignorant. Oh well. Had he stuck around another 5 minutes I would have blessed his heart.
  21. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

    HH - just about every teen/twenty something I know are claiming the police start the violence.
    And shooting babies with rubber bullet cannons.
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  22. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    Sad isn't it. Yet none of them can explain what the police could possibly have to gain while I could sit here all day outlining what the people who are actually inciting violence do. They're so deep in their echo chambers that they are incapable of using basic logic and reasoning.
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  23. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    We are turning a corner since Ferguson/Brown case in 2014. In that case it did NOT matter what the facts were, people went Mob mentality and also started the movement of agitators that continue to foster and promote hate, division, racial tension and the like. The Minneapolis tragedy involved what appears to be an incompetent cop committing manslaughter while three idiot cops fail to prevent the inevitable outcome.
    Of course everybody must get out and exercise their first amendment right to protest and express themselves, individually and collectively. Pretty sure the 1st amendment does NOT provide for the right to assault, burn, loot, and cause mayhem as a form of free expression. I don't know, I'm not a constitutional lawyer. I swore to defend the Constitution several times in the military and public service, but I'm sure NONE of the amendments provide the right to go all batshit crazy against your fellow citizens property and lives.

    Bottom line is we have George Floyd who should not have died. One complete a-hole killed him and three others failed to intervene. Now we have in retaliation one police officer shot in the head, several others shot, and hundreds assaulted. Are we even yet?
    The Floyd Family has BEGGED people NOT to do this in George's name. Now we see the media getting behind this criminal
    minority of agenda-driven haters, and animals. Pretty sure the police profession is NOT coming back 100% from this.
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  24. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

    Agreed mpd - nobody cares about facts.
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  25. FAPD

    FAPD MassCops Member

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