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Heard a rumor at work that they were replacing vests tonight , This is off their website:

contact [email protected]

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CENTRAL LAKE, Michigan - Second Chance Body Armor, Inc. announced today it will begin an immediate
program to upgrade or replace its Zylon-based Ultima and Ultimax protective vests, saying that previously worn Zylon
vests wear out faster than expected and that there is a potential officer safety issue.
The custom-made vests are worn by thousands of police officers and others who need protection from armed

Under the announced program, officers will be given a choice of a free upgrade to their current vest that will
assure its performance throughout the warranty period, or purchase of a new Monarch Summit vest at a significantly
discounted cost. The upgrade involves the insertion of additional pads in a current vest and can be accomplished
within minutes by individual officers.

The voluntary upgrade program was announced following a series of in-service vest tests performed by Second
Chance that indicated the Zylon-based vests wear out sooner than expected.

"We want to apologize for any inconvenience incurred by our customers, but we felt this is the right thing to do
and we want to carry this program out as quickly as possible," said Paul Banducci, president of Second Chance. "We
have always stood behind the quality of our products and we will continue to do just that," he added.

In the more than 30 years that Second Chance has been manufacturing soft, concealable body armor, no vest
has ever failed to stop a round it was designed to stop. Over that same period, the company has documented over
900 officers lives saved, more than any other body armor manufacturer.
Contact our toll free hotline (1.800.828.VEST) with any questions about this upgrade or click on the link
above to order your upgrade online.

Second Chance Body Armor, Inc.
7915 Cameron Street
P.O. Box 578
Central Lake, MI 49622
Telephone: (231) 544-5721, (800) 253-7090
Fax: (231) 544-9824

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I don't think they are replacing the whole vest. My chief is doing this for the whole dept. Several officers (including this one) got Second Chance Ultimas over the past three years. Apparently those are the ones of concern, something about premature breakdown.

My understanding is that they are sending new carriers and a type of pad which supplements the ballistic shields you are already using.

I am not the CEO of Second Chance though so you might want another source.
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