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Seattle cop says 71 too young to quit

Seattle police Officer Wes Ferris says he's too young to retire and at age
71 can still run down and collar the bad guys.

Ferris is one of small group of Seattle cops who choose to stay on the
beat long after they could have retired with a full pension, said Mike
Germann of the Seattle Police Pension Office.

Ferris, who stands 6-foot-3, weighs 185 pounds and has been a cop for
more than 40 years, says he can't imagine what he would do if he retired,
The Seattle Times reported Monday.

Ferris, who said he can't remember a single time he ever drew his gun, has
never been awarded medals for outstanding action, but has made a
difference in the lives of hundreds of people, the Times reported.

For many in the Ballard District of Seattle, Ferris is an "icon," said Police
Capt. Mike Washburn, who called Ferris a "stellar example" of patience,
calm and caring.
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