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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SEATTLE - An off-duty police officer on foot was hit by a car this afternoon in the 1400 block of Elliott Avenue West.
The boyfriend of the driver of the car told P-I reporter Kery Murakami that the woman's pit bull puppy jumped in her lap, grabbed the steering wheel with its teeth and caused the car to go out of control.
A police spokeswoman said the officer, 57, was taken to Harborview Medical Center. He suffered leg and neck injuries.
The officer was flagging for street improvements near the intersection of 15th Avenue West and West Galer Street.
Police and hospital spokeswomen described the injuires as not life threatening.
The officer has been on the force 26 years.
It's not illegal to drive with a dog on your lap, but it's not suggested, police and a state patrol trooper told the P-I last week.
"I wouldn't recommend it, but technically there's no law against it," State Patrol Sgt. Keith Trowbridge said. "If someone weaves in and out of their lane or don't signal, they can be cited for those things. But they can't be cited just for having a pet on their lap."
Trowbridge said he doesn't often see drivers with animals on their laps.
Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson said officers will pull over drivers any time an animal interferes with driving.
"It's just not safe," he said of having pets out near the driver. "The best thing to do is to have your dog or cat in the back, preferably in an approved pet carrier."

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