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By Jeremy Kohler
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has begun its search for a new chief.
Letters are going out soon to 28 candidates eligible to succeed St. Louis police chief Joe Mokwa, asking them to consider applying for the job. By state law, the candidate pool is limited to officers in the department ranked captain or higher.
Meanwhile, members of the board visited several St. Louis media outlets today to defend their handling of an investigation into the police department's relationship with a private towing company.
In a visit with the Post-Dispatch editorial board, board President Chris Goodson and Vice President Julius Hunter said they were stung by suggestions in the media that the police department needs more oversight and that the board did not thoroughly investigate the department's dealings with the company, St. Louis Metropolitan Towing, before declaring on July 18 that there was no criminal wrongdoing.
"There is one thing that sort of grips me and gripes me," Hunter said, "and that is ... I wonder if, as some of the swipes are being taken at the board, if there is a general understanding of what the current board of police commissioners does."
Hunter said the board members are hard-working, accountable and thoroughly in touch with the community -- not "political hacks and flaks."

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