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Scoop on Cape Towns

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For individuals such as myself who have applied to cape towns, information is always good. Can any members contribute to this topic by giving the name of a town on the cape and the scoop on it as far as the town and the department? It is not just for me, but I think it is a good reference piece for those who are looking at the non-civil service departments the cape has to offer. Some that come to mind are:

1. Yarmouth
2. Dennis
3. Mashpee
4. Orleans
5. Truro
6. Brewster
7. Harwich
8. Wellfleet
9. Chatham
10. Eastham

Thank you to all in advance who contribute.
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How's Wareham PD? Just had an interview there today for a seasonal position and looks like I just gotta fill out the paperwork, get certified to carry and I think that may be it. How's the dept overall? From what they were telling me, it's a fairly busy department overall. For those that have been on as a seasonal, how do they treat the seasonals? Good/Fair/Poor? I've heard one good review so far from a current Raynham PD Sgt so, so far so good :)
hecktate";p="52543 said:
Do you know if they are still accepting applications for seasonal employment?
nope, deadly passed Dec 17 :?
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