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No Grades Altered

NEEDHAM, Mass. -- School officials in Needham sent an e-mail to parents this week after a student was able to access the high school's online student information system and student schedules and classroom rosters.


They said the 17-year-old junior, who's name was not released, admitted to posting the information on his Facebook page after learning part of a teacher's password to the PowerSchool system, which allows both parents and students to track grades and progress.
"After being confronted by (Principal) Paul Richards, the student admitted to learning part of a teacher's password and then developing a program to hack into PowerSchool to retrieve (but not alter) student data," the e-mail to parents said.

The student created an Excel file of the class schedules, which was e-mailed to other students. The school principal and district superintendent asked parents to make sure the file was not forwarded and called the incident a "serious breach of our system."

They did not indicate what action, if any, might be taken against the student, but said the incident had been reported to Needham police.
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