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School denies underwear checks

A Winchester, England, school has denied claims that teachers have been
checking students' underwear to be sure they comply with the dress

Parents of 11- through 16-year-old students at Kings School said their
students were told during assemblies that boys are only to wear white or
black underpants and girls are to only wear white or light-colored
unpadded bras, The Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Some students claimed teachers were performing "spot checks" to ensure
students were following the underwear rules.

Stuart Gander, whose daughters Chelsea, 15 and Kirby, 13, attend the
school, said his children were told that the school considers colored bras

"They were told they had to wear white ones or very light pale bras and
they would be spot checked," Gander said. "You wouldn't be able to do
that in a work place so why should you be able to do that at school?"

However, a school spokeswoman said female students were merely told
what was appropriate dress for the school as a way to prepare them for
the workplace.

"There is no rule, we are not checking underwear. We are not checking
girls' bra straps and we have certainly not had an assembly with any of
the boys telling them what color underwear to wear."
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