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School Bus Shot At In Maine

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Police are looking for four people who fired a shot at a school bus with kids aboard.
It happened Monday afternoon at the intersection of Brackett and Prospect Streets in Westbrook, Maine.

Police say a black man driving a green Ford Taurus leaned out the window of the car and shot out a window of the bus. Police do not know what type of weapon was fired.
None of the children aboard the bus were hurt. After the incident, they were transferred to another bus and police escorted them along the rest of their stops.
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Westbrook, ME(NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Westbrook have found suspects involved in the Westbrook school bus shooting
Westbrook police chief says, "As a result of some vigorous old fashion police work and extraordinary cooperation between in Westbrook Detectives, Patrol Officers, Dispatch, School Officials, and the Public - the school bus shooting investigation has been brought to a successful conclusion."
The incident happened Monday afternoon at the intersection of Brackett and Prospect Streets. Police say two 12-year-olds were involved, one who supplied the pellet gun and another who shot at the bus.
Charges on against the two are pending further investigation.
The original reports of a green Ford Taurus with a black male shooter have turned out to be unwarranted.
Westbrook Police are reminding parents of the dangers of guns in the hands of children and are asking parents to be accountable for the whereabouts and security of guns of any kind.
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