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Scholarship/Financial Aid for R/I Academy

Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by WirePro_Joe, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Hey everyone,

    Just created an account. Great information available here. Thanks to everyone who takes time to post and answer questions.

    I'm considering attending the R/I academy this September (MLETA) and have been sponsored by Woburn PD Chief. I'll be putting myself through the course without any assistance from Woburn in hopes of scoring well on the CS exam and getting a reserve job in Woburn.

    Has anyone ever heard of any type of financial aid or scholarship available to help with the academy tuition? Just curious.
  2. visible25

    visible25 Supporting Member

    Yeah I believe you just submit your FAFSA and they'll give you some money and let you attend for free, it's how a lot of people do it now a-days. Self-sponsor now is more or less about getting yourself through for free! This way you feel more like a recruit chosen by a PD by going virtually for free.
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