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If I could, I would work down there in a minute. Beautiful city. And c'mon you can sit at the same bench Forrest Gump sat on. Also, any place that will give you "to go" cups at a bar is pretty cool. (its legal)
The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department continually searches for imaginative, well educated, and highly motivated individuals who have a strong sense of public service. This isn't a profession for just anyone. You must be willing to devote your time and energy to the community. The learning process is unending. You will constantly be evaluated by your supervisors, your peers and even by yourself. But more importantly, you will constantly be evaluated by the community you protect.
The hours can be brutal, at times. But the pay and benefits are good. Care to try it on ?
Contact SCMPD Recruitment at (912) 651-4226.
The City of Savannah is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications for non-certified officers and GA certified are accepted on an
open, continuous basis. Test dates are scheduled upon receipt of applications.

The City of Savannah provides a number of employee benefits including:

Life Insurance
Group Medical Insurance
Wellness Program
Pension Plan
Credit Union
College tuition assistance program
In addition, the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department provides all basic equipment including uniforms, body armor, weapon and web gear, and footwear. Officers also receive an allowance for uniform cleaning.

Vacation & Holiday Leave

City employees earn 10 paid holidays per year. The vacation year runs from January 1 to December 31. Vacation is earned from the date of employment, but may not be taken during the first 6 months of service. Vacation time earned is based upon years of service with the City of Savannah.

1 - 4 Years Service 12 Days Per Year
5 - 9 Years Service 14 Days Per Year
10 - 14 Years Service 18 Days Per Year
15 + Years of Service 20 Days Per Year

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at the rate of 1 day per month. You may accumulate a maximum of 260 days of sick leave. Supervisors routinely assess employee sick leave usage.

Military Leave

If you are member of a National Guard or military reserve unit, you are permitted up to 18 paid days of military leave per year.


Police Officer Applicant Information
Applications Are Currently Being Accepted
From Georgia Certified Peace Officers.


21 Years of Age
US Citizen
Valid Driver's License
Vision Correctable to 20/20
No Felony Convictions
No Pattern of Misdemeanor Convictions or Traffic Violations

Testing & Processing

Written Exam
Physical Ability Test
Oral Exam
After successfully completing the initial testing, your name will be placed on an eligibility register which is good for 1 year. A thorough background investigation, including a polygraph, will be conducted. Upon tentative selection by the Chief of Police, you will take a written exam administered by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST), a medical exam, and a drug screen. Failure of any of these tests disqualifies the applicant. (Those who have completed a Georgia police academy are not required to take a written test or the POST entrance exam.)


Initial training consists of a 10 week state mandate academy. Most candidates will attend the Armstrong Atlantic State University Criminal Justice Training Center, located in Savannah. However, other academies around the state of Georgia may also be used.
Upon completion of the academy, you will receive an additional 5 weeks of training at SCMPD.
Your training will continue during your first assignment at one of the six Patrol Bureau Precincts. Here you will be assigned to a certified Police Training Officer for your "hands on" training, which will last about 17 weeks.
Once you have completed field training, you will begin working solo. However, your training will continue through evaluations and follow-up training.
The probationary period is for the first 12 months of employment with SCMPD.


SCMPD officers work a 40 hour week, and are paid bi-weekly. The salaries listed are for police officer trainees with no prior law enforcement experience in Georgia. Applicants with at least 2 years prior law enforcement experience as a patrol officer may start at a higher rate of pay. Credit may be given for experience gained as a military police officer, or as a sworn officer with a law enforcement agency outside the State of Georgia.

Contact SCMPD Recruitment for more information concerning salaries and promotions.

The City of Savannah has a pay for performance plan which allows all city employees to earn up to a 2.5% pay increase. This pay for performance increase is over and above any cost of living increase which may be granted each year.

Promotions are based upon competitive examination. Advancement is earned without regard to race or gender.

Police Recruit
(Police Academy) $942.00

Police Officer $ 27,052

Georgia Certified Officers With At
Least 2 Years Experience Start At 2.5% Above Entry

Georgia Certified Officers With At
Least 3 Years Experience Start At 5% Above Entry

Georgia Certified Officers With At
Least 4 Years Experience Start At 10% Above Entry


Once you've completed 2 years of continuous sworn service with SCMPD, or have completed 1 year of continuous sworn service with the department and 2 years continuous law enforcement service with another law enforcement agency, you are eligible to apply for assignment to one of the department's specialized units. These include:

Criminal Investigations
Traffic Enforcement
Mounted (Horse) Patrol
Public Housing
Crime Suppression Unit (Bicycle Patrol)
Crime Prevention
Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Tactical Reaction & Prevention Unit (TRAP)
Marine Patrol
Counter Narcotics Team
Agressive Driving Unit
Downtown Special Operations
N E T (Narcotics Enforcement Team)
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