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Savage's 'manifesto for saving America'

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    New book counters 'most dangerous man' to occupy White House

    Michael Savage has a "manifesto for saving America," and it will come as no surprise to his millions of faithful radio listeners that it offers prescriptions that aren't found in the House Republicans' "Pledge to America."

    Savage's 37-point plan – "Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy and Security" by HarperCollins – hits bookstores today with a call to "run the country like a business, not an empire; close the borders; institute a flat tax; use profiling to prevent terror attacks; and privatize the regulation of Wall Street;" among others.

    "The more conservative points were left out of the Republican plan for America," he told WND in an interview. "They have no specifics about cutting back on government spending. They have no specifics on stopping the flow of illegal aliens."

    Savage's 'manifesto for saving America'


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