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Sat nav strands honeymoon couple

A newlywed couple ended up stuck half-way up a mountain when their
sat-nav went wrong on their honeymoon.

Oliver Kohl, 24, and bride Angela, 23, were heading to a luxury hotel in the
remote village of Willingen, Germany, after their wedding in Hamm, near

But they got lost as their sat-nav guided them along a bumpy, unpaved
forest road toward a tall mountain.

Oliver said: "At one point there was a gate I had to open, and then
eventually the road became a muddy swamp and we got stuck fast."

The pair tried for hours to get their car out before having to call cops who
sent out a rescue team to get them off the side of the 2,755ft mountain.

The pair were eventually taken to their honeymoon hotel.

A police spokesman said: "It's a wedding night they will never forget."
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