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SALARY: $4834 - $7485* Per Month
APPLY BY: 5:00 p.m., July 27, 2005


Police Officer-Academy Graduates are initially assigned to a Field Training Officer Program for a period of up to 20 weeks; subsequently, they assume the full range of professional law enforcement duties. A comprehensive description of the essential functions of Police Officers is attached. Police Officers are key participants in a partnership of the City and community to identify and resolve crime problems affecting the quality of life of all residents. This community support and the diversity of cultures in Santa Ana make it an exciting and demanding place to work.

Successful Officers are characterized by the ability to make sound decisions which are based on fact, not emotion, quickly and repeatedly throughout the day. They demonstrate a strong sense of fairness and the ability to apply both the spirit and letter of the law within legal parameters of discretion. With a genuine concern for the safety of the community and the quality of life of its citizens, successful Police Officers are alert and ready to take action. They enjoy both working alone and as an integral part of a team effort. Ideal candidates are proficient in writing reports and handling paperwork and willingly work varying shifts, weekends and holidays.

Candidates for this entry level "sworn" position must have completed, within the last 30 months, either a P.O.S.T.-approved Basic Police Academy or a P.O.S.T.-approved extended-format academy. In addition, candidates must meet the requirements set forth by P.O.S.T. and those listed on the attached document titled "Requirements of the Position." Bilingual (in both English and any one of the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Samoan, Hmong, Korean, or Cambodian) preferred but not required.

A step-by-step description of the selection process is included in the "Application Instructions for Police Officer-Academy Graduate." Applications and Academy Completion Certificates will be reviewed by the Personnel Services Department. Those applicants who meet the requirements listed above will be invited to participate in the selection process, which will include:

1. WRITTEN EXAMINATION: (qualifying) this multiple-choice examination is designed to measure four skills associated with reading and writing: clarity, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.
2. PHYSICAL AGILITY EXAMINATION: (qualifying) which will evaluate physical strength, agility and endurance.
3. ORAL EXAMINATION: (weight of 50%) which will evaluate communication, interpersonal and decision-making skills.
4. BACKGROUND ORAL EXAMINATION: (weight of 50%) which will evaluate each applicant's background, experience, training and personal qualifications for the position.

Applicants must receive a passing score in every component of the selection process in order to be further considered. Applicants who are successful in all of the above examinations will be placed on an eligible list and will be considered for appointment as vacancies occur.

NOTE: Individuals who have applied for either Police Recruit or Police Officer-Academy Graduate within the last six months and failed any testing component (excluding the physical agility examination and bilingual oral fluency examination) are not eligible to reapply for six months after the date on which they failed that component. For individuals who failed the psychological evaluation, the waiting period for reapplying is one year.

* Salary effective 7/1/03 & includes: 9% City-paid retirement; 15% Sr. Police Officer III pay; 2.5% Corporal pay. Refer to the attached Compensation Package sheet for a comprehensive listing of salary/benefits.

Bulletin Number 103-05MC

For Additional Information Call The
Job Information Line
(714) 647-6500 TDD User Relay Line 1 (800) 735-2929
Date Posted 05/09/05
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