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By Ronald W. Powell
San Diego Union-Tribune

OCEANSIDE - Oceanside police were at a loss yesterday as to why a well-liked resident took to the streets in his underwear, fired a gun and was later shot by officers after a confrontation.
Gregory Kwok, 48, who has lived for many years with his father in a house in the eastern part of the city near John Landes Park, was wounded. His dog, Patches, a pit bull, was shot by officers and died.
Kwok was airlifted to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Police said yesterday that they did not know Kwok's condition, and hospital officials would not comment.
Neighbors said the trouble began about 10 a.m. with Gregory Kwok quarreling with his father, Aubrey Kwok. They said Gregory Kwok came outside his house, shouting and screaming, and fired a handgun several times toward the ground.
Oceanside police Sgt. Kelan Poorman said officers were trying to determine what happened between Gregory Kwok and the three officers who arrived at the house on Lonnie Street. Poorman said Kwok did not threaten officers with a weapon, and he did not know whether Kwok had a gun in his possession when the officers confronted him.
Investigators are trying "to put together the pieces to this puzzle right now," Poorman said at the scene yesterday.
He said several residents called police complaining about a fight between Kwok and his father. While officers were en route, additional reports came in saying that shots were being fired.
Neighbors later said that Kwok, in his underwear, fired at least three shots from a handgun into the ground in front of his house.
When the three officers arrived, a confrontation occurred in which Kwok's dog advanced toward police. At least one officer shot the dog, Poorman said. At some point, an officer fired a Taser to subdue Kwok, Poorman said. When the struggle continued, at least one officer shot him.
Poorman said he did not know how many shots were fired or how many officers discharged their guns. He said the department was seeking a search warrant yesterday to comb Kwok's residence for weapons.
Some neighbors who saw the confrontation said Kwok had calmed down before officers arrived and was cooperating when things went awry.
Poorman could not confirm that account.
"We know that we'll have various accounts from witnesses in the neighborhood about what exactly took place," Poorman said.
Neighbors said Kwok often helped repair neighbors' vehicles. They also said he sometimes argued with his father, and police had been called to the home.
"He was a good guy, man," said Alejandro Carreno, 27, who lives several houses down the street. "He was helpful to a lot of neighbors around here."
Carreno said he was saddened by the death of the dog, which he described as a gentle pet.
"He used to play fetch with my son," said Carreno, who stood with his son Gustavo, 8, near the shooting scene.

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