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Authorities said that a man who shot at a San Diego sheriff's deputy inside the officer's house was killed by police at the suspect's nearby home.

Joseph Giordano, 65, reportedly confronted a sheriff's deputy at about 9:20 p.m. Friday at the lawman's home in the 6200 block of Lake Atlin Avenue, northeast of Lake Murray.

After a brief argument, Giordano pointed a handgun at the officer.

The deputy slammed his front door, and the suspect allegedly shot three times into the front of the house, San Diego police Lt. Terry McManus said.

The lieutenant said the suspect fled in a van, which officers located one block from away from the attack at the deputy's house. San Diego police officers surrounded the house at 6255 Lake Ariana Ave., and began negotiations with the man, according to McManus.

After 30 minutes, Giordano came out of his house and shot at officers in the sideyard, McManus said. He said several officers returned fire because they feared for their lives.

Several of the bullets struck the suspect and killed him, McManus said.

The deputy's name is being withheld, and he was not hurt.
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