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Three vehicles were involved in a wreck that took place after police located a stolen vehicle, according to the San Diego police.
The crash took place in the intersection of Riverdale Street and Friars Road at about 8:30 a.m. in Grantville. The patrol car ran into the side of a pickup truck in the intersection, then the other vehicles became involved in a chain-reaction crash.
Police say the assisting officer had lights and sirens blaring when he entered the intersection. Officers are not sure if the driver of a Dodge pickup truck did not hear the approaching police vehicle.
Police moved quickly to shut down multiple lanes of the Friars Road after the crash.
Authorities said an officer was following a stolen vehicle near Waring Road and Interstate 8 and was waiting for additional officers to aid in the traffic step. The officer who crashed was attempting to get join that pursuit when the pile-up took place.
Other officers involved in the chase were eventually able to stop the stolen car on Zion Avnue and arrest its driver.
Police said they believed there were only minor injuries to the motorists involved in the wreck. A woman and a police officer were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

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