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Kristina Davis
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Federico Borjas dedicated his life to serving others -- first as a Marine and later as a San Diego police officer.
Last year, he decided he wasn't done serving his country and signed up for the Army reserves in honor of his cousin, a soldier who was killed in Iraq.
Borjas, 33, died this week when his convoy was ambushed by a gunman in Afghanistan.
He is the first San Diego police officer to die in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. Seventeen other officers are serving in the military overseas.
"He touched everyone he worked with and worked around. He was the sort of guy who really left an impression on people," San Diego police Capt. Chris Ball said. "We all respected him for who he was as a person and as a man."
Borjas, a Florida native, was hired by the Police Department in 1999 and was a member of the SWAT team and color guard. He most recently served as a patrol officer in the department's central division.
Ball said Borjas loved being a cop, bringing enthusiasm and a "can-do" attitude to the job daily.
He was called to duty in Afghanistan in August and was scheduled to return the following summer, said his brother-in-law, Daniel Veiga, in an online message.
Veiga said Borjas was in a convoy to set up post somewhere when they were stopped by a man disguised as an Afghanistan border patrol agent. The imposter opened fire on the soldiers, killing Borjas.
The military has not yet released the official details of his death.
"The department is very saddened by his loss, and we are working with the family to bring him back so he can rest with all the dignity and honor he deserves as a person in the military and as a police officer," San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne said yesterday. "He was very well respected, and we'll miss his commitment and sense of humor."
Borjas leaves behind a daughter, Yvette.
Family members are hoping to hold the funeral in San Diego in about a week.

Story From: The San Diego Union-Tribune
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