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Salem State Police Officer Multiple Vacancies

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by Kilvinsky, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    This was one of those job postings from the Commonwealth that would, if printed, used 29 pages. FUCK that. I cut the hell out of it. I also wonder about the "Anticipated Vacancies". Are they firing a shitload of people or just expanding the department. The place had a great reputation so I'm HOPING for the latter. Please "PERSONNEL" departments at the state level, TRIM THE DAMN JOB POSTINGS TO NOVELLA STATUS! WTF????

    Campus Police Officer I-Eligibility List for Anticipated Vacancies
    Salem State University

    Salem, MA

    Admin - Police and Public Safety



    ID: 2019-2232

    State Title: Campus Police Officer I

    Job Category: Classified

    Posting End Date

    Department: University Police

    Pay Basis: Yearly

    Enter the Compensation Range for Applicants to View (Required for Administrator& Classified Positions)
    $46,790.38 annually/$899.81 weekly

    General Statement of Duties:

    Salem State University police officers are expected to exercise police powers and perform law enforcement duties including: foot, bicycle, personal transporter and vehicle patrol of Salem State University properties, respond to calls for service, render emergency medical aid, investigate matters and prepare preliminary, supplemental and follow-up investigative reports, issue parking, traffic, civil citations, file criminal complaints and summonses with the court, make custodial arrests, assist in the prosecution of violators of law, operate office equipment and computer systems, provide mutual aid to outside law enforcement agencies, provide crime prevention information, develop partnerships with the community and serve as a proactive resource to a uniquely diverse community, and professionally handle any other duties as assigned. Officers may work as part of a security detail for university special and athletic events including events working with other law enforcement agencies for dignitaries visiting the campus. Officers have the opportunity to participate in a number of assignments such as patrol officer, bicycle officer, residence hall liaison officer, detective, field training officer, use of force instructor, range instructor, officer-in-charge, honor guard and other various assignments. Campus Police Officers should have the ability to work extended hours on varying shifts under a variety of conditions and at times under stressful circumstances.

    All Salem State campus police officers attend municipal police academy training and have full police authority on campus and throughout the town of Salem. The department enforces all state laws, including motor vehicle laws, as well as university rules and regulations.

    Shift, Days Off and Meal Break: TBD by shift bidding process; subject to change according to departmental needs. Must be available for off-shift overtime, including compulsory callbacks.

    Salary: $847.93 weekly/$44,092.36 annually

    Application Deadline: August 16, 2019

    Application Information
    Human Resources & Equal Opportunity
    Salem State University

    Online App. Form:
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  2. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    The state keeps long postings so they can make sure someone who knows jack squat has job security. :rolleyes:
    Now that aside, I have always heard it'
    A great dept with a great rep, especially if your starting out.
    Oh abd beofre i forget, .......
    and fuck sspo..
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  3. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    I love the school and the area. If only they paid a respectable salary I’d go in a heartbeat.
  4. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    According to the job posting (muni academy + sworn in for the Town of Salem), it appears they are rightly not using SSPO!
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  5. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Don't think they were ever using sspo.
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  6. Red

    Red MassCops Member

    They were SSPO for a long while; the last few new guys have been MPTC which surprised a few people I know there. They just don't take SSPO waivers due to their agreement with Salem.

    I want to say two of the projected vacancies are officers they sent to the SSPO that are leaving for other ventures. All vacancies are due to people moving to other departments for better pay/opportunity. Word is they're also going to be tossing up 3 or so dispatch openings soon-ish. Not much has changed there since I spent some time there - It's a uni dpt, so expect a lot of down time when school's out/building checks/dealing with drunk kids that puke in the showers. But you also get the option to work SPD details & juri within Salem. There have been some hinky bits in regards to that, but it was nice overall. That, and group 2 retirement with a 20+ step raise system or something like that.

    5&2 schedule, you build 1:1 comp time when school is closed, ability to use zero-notice personal days, finally got patrol rifles, and fleet's being recycled to new Exploders. Sergeants are young so likely not much upward mobility any time soon. People there have their own opinions about the West Wing, but I like & respect them. Every department has some quirks, and SSUPD is no exception.

    Overall? Fantastic place to start and if you actually want to do some work that's not entirely 'building checks.'
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  7. CTCandidate

    CTCandidate MassCops Member

    Has anyone who put in heard anything yet?
  8. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    It's crazy that a department can justify getting their officers patrol rifles...while the state still considers them group 2. If your potentially dealing with situations that call for the use of a rifle, you'd think group 4 would be more appropriate.
  9. patrol22

    patrol22 MassCops Member

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  10. Bananaman

    Bananaman MassCops Member

    Just saying that departments like that should be group 4.

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