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Published: August 29, 2008 11:51 pm ShareThisPrintThis
Salem pedicab struck by alleged drunken driver
By Mike Stucka
Staff Writer

SALEM - Police say a 20-year-old drunken driver struck a pedicab just after midnight yesterday on Washington Street. Two people from the bicycle-powered cab - the driver and one of his passengers - went to the hospital.
"I was all banged up, but out of adrenaline I chased her up the road and got a partial plate and told the cops, and then I collapsed on the ground by Steve's Market," pedicab driver Anthony Taurasi III said yesterday.
Police said that the driver "stopped for a brief moment and then drove around the tipped-over pedicab and then took a right on Norman Street," according to a report.
Given the license plate number, police said they found Barry driving on Highland Avenue with her hazard lights on, but she wouldn't stop for police when they turned on their blue lights and sirens. Instead, police reported, she "made an abrupt right turn into the rear of 84 Highland Ave. and then attempted to go between a space in the guardrail. The Toyota stopped in front of 16 Heritage Drive."
Rose Barry, 20, of 27 Eastern Ave., Beverly, was immediately arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury. More charges followed as police took her back to the police station, where she reportedly blew alcohol levels of 0.12 and 0.13. State law says drivers of legal drinking age, 21, are drunk at levels of 0.08 or above.
Barry was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after personal injury, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, failure to stop for police, failure to yield and drunken driving.
Taurasi said he spent the night in the emergency room. He said one of his passengers, a 15-year-old girl, had bruised ribs.
The other passenger, a 22-year-old Peabody man, refused medical treatment.
Barry's passenger, whose 20th birthday was Thursday, got a ride home through her father.
Police said the pedicab was heavily damaged. Hugh Kerr, the owner of Witch City Rickshaw, said the vehicle had two bent wheels and can be repaired. The owner of seven restaurants, Kerr said they'd "dodged a bullet" because a drunken driver could have killed someone. He said he'll reconsider whether any pedicab drivers should work late.
"The pedicab will mend, no one's dead, thank God, but one's concerned," he said. "If two 20-year-old girls were served a load of alcohol, that's a great concern."
Police reports didn't say where Barry might have been drinking or whether her passenger had been drinking.
Taurasi said the great majority of Witch City Rickshaw's business is serving the tourist trade during the day. He said Salem's pedicab community is close-knit, and the guys from Salem Pedi-Cab called to make sure he was OK.
"It's just one of those nights when you're out having fun and then some drunk girl takes off and smashes into you," he said.
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