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Published: July 16, 2008 05:31 am ShareThisPrintThis
Salem man jailed 18 months for drunken chase
By Patrick Anderson
Staff writer

GLOUCESTER - A 36-year-old Salem man arrested at gunpoint in May after a high-speed chase ended in an Eastern Avenue crash pleaded guilty yesterday in Gloucester District Court to a laundry list of charges, including car theft, drunken and reckless driving, and assault and battery on a police officer.
Joseph Sharleville of 43 Boston St. was sentenced to 18 months in Middleton Jail by Judge Joseph Jennings, with an additional 12 months suspended for three years as long as Sharleville doesn't get into any more trouble.
Police responded to Eastern Avenue near Elizabeth Road at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 3, after receiving a report of a black pickup truck being driven over curbs and swerving across the median line as it headed toward the Rockport line.
Witnesses told police they saw the pickup hit several trees by the roadside before doing a U-turn and heading back toward Gloucester.
Arriving on the scene, officers reported seeing the pickup trying to perform a three-point turn in the middle of Eastern Avenue, holding up traffic. When the first officer tried to pull the truck over, its driver accelerated to 80 mph before almost hitting another police cruiser heading in the opposite direction, spinning out and crashing into a stone wall alongside the road.
After the crash, officers surrounded the pickup with handguns drawn, trying to extract the driver, later identified as Sharleville.
According to the police report, Sharleville refused to unlock the truck door and Detective Steven Mizzoni smashed the driver's side window, injuring his hand, so officers could drag Sharleville out the window.
Sharleville struggled as police tried to handcuff him, the report said, and admitted to being "drunk." Later that night, as police attempted to book Sharleville, he allegedly kicked an officer in the shin. An Ipswich man's wallet was found on Sharleville, according to the report.
Ipswich police had reported the pickup stolen earlier in the night. Sharleville was also wanted on outstanding warrants from Woburn and Salem district courts.
A woman who had reported a collision with a truck on the Western Avenue side of Route 127 earlier in the night later identified the pickup driven by Sharleville as the vehicle that had hit her and sped off, causing damage to the side of her car, according to the police report.
Sharleville yesterday pleaded guilty to drunken driving, reckless driving, larceny of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, receiving stolen property, leaving the scene of property damage, and driving with a suspended license. He was found responsible for speeding and failing to keep right for oncoming traffic.
In addition to the jail time, Jennings ordered that Sharleville lose his driver's license for two years. He was also ordered to pay restitution of $1,238.28, although court officials could not say who would receive the money.><p>
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