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Safety Alert...

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From a member of the South Carolina State Transport Police S. T. A. R. Unit

On March 12th, 2004, NCEA member #1254 stopped a 1979 pickup truck for
a tag violation on I-95 in Dillon County. As I approached the passenger
side I noticed that the driver was moving around a lot and the
passenger was looking over his shoulder. Both subjects were very nervous
and wouldn't make eye contact with me. As I finished up with my stop I
gave the driver back all of his paper work and his hands were shaking
so bad that he hardly couldn't get a hold of his license. I then asked
for consent and he stated if I feel I needed to search that I could.
Located in the drivers side door panel was a black and silver colored
pistol that folds in half a .22 North American Arms pistol. The
passenger claimed ownership for the weapon. If you didn't look close at
this gun you would pass over it, or if clipped to your pocket would look
like a pager, a knife or maybe a cell phone. Be careful and stay safe.

I couldn't seem to paste the pictures here so if you'd like to see them (3) PM me with your email address and I'll send them. Stay safe.
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Did it look like these?

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Yep.. those are them. Thanks Gil !!

Also, here's a tidbit from a co-worker..

FYI - if you look at the North American Arms website they also make SAO revolvers smaller than this. Most are the .22 short "birds head" design and one is a .380 ACP semi-auto the size of a Seecamp. Let's not forget that .22 cal rounds are the ones that are involved in more shootings than any other round. Also, back a few years ago a company in Arizona (I forget the name) was manufacturing a single shot DAO pistols in rounds from 22. cal to .45 auto that consisted of a barrel just as large enough for the bullet, a trigger mechanism housed in red plastic, and no sight. The pistol's purpose was as a shoot and scoot gun and was meant to be held and shot with only the index finger and the web of the thumb. Of course, none of these are legally sold in Mass so if we listen to AG Reilly's rhetoric these won't pose a threat for law enforcement!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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