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1, Watch the full video.
2, You have been stopped for that before and still have yet to fix it.
3, Don't speak in a condescending tone to the officer.
4, If that was Nazi Germany you have been dragged out of your car for no reason or explanation and shot.
5, You couldn't be wearing a more appropriate hat.
6, What the fuck is a smith and wesTon?
7, You asked for a supervisor, great, you still need to get out of the vehicle you are not that important, sorry but its true.
8, The reason for the stop had been explained to you ad nauseam.
9, The police tried to work with you but you decided to act like a dink now you are about a 3 pound trigger pull away from turning your passenger side car seat to a new form of spray painted modern art.

Sacramento Police Officer Seen On Video Pointing Gun At Driver During Traffic Stop
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A Sacramento police officer who aimed her gun at a driver is drawing a lot of attention online. The incident happened last October, but the video is just now coming to light.

The driver claims police pulled him over for a window tint violation but says when he showed them a previous "fix it" ticket for a window tint, officers changed their reason for pulling him over.
The video shows the two sides arguing and then one of the officers pulls out their gun. The man believes he was mistreated.

The Sacramento Police department confirmed the incident happened last year on the city's north side but declined further comment.

Per department policy, "nothing in any firearms procedure shall preclude the drawing of the officer's firearm during the course of an arrest or investigation or when an officer reasonably believes it necessary for the safety of the officer or the safety of another."
10. How about we NOT play this game hmm?

11. He sued and won. Roll in that bootlicker
61 - 74 of 74 Posts