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By Levi Pulkkinen
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SEATTLE — A South Dakota judge has dismissed misdemeanor gun charges against two Seattle police officers involved in a shooting at the Sturgis motorcycle rally.
Friday's decision effectively ends the prosecution of Ron Smith, a detective who was initially charged with assault and perjury after the Aug. 8 shooting.
Also cleared was Seattle Officer Dennis McCoy, who had been charged with unlawful gun possession along with three other members of the law enforcement-oriented Iron Pigs motorcycle club.
Seattle Police Officers' Guild President Rich O'Neill said he and others were "puzzled" by the South Dakota prosecutor's decision to file gun charges against Smith and McCoy, who, he said, were lawfully armed when a Hells Angels member attacked Smith at a Sturgis bar.
"It's very good news for both the officers involved," O'Neill said. "It's almost a day of vindication, because we said that as soon as all the facts came out, it would show there was no wrongdoing."

Story From: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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