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Giant RV World, Route 44 Toyota report break-ins

By Sharon Holliday
Posted Sep 25, 2008 @ 02:50 AM

A rash of vehicle break-ins along Route 44 in Raynham Sunday night is similar to other break-ins on the same street in the past year and a half.
On Monday morning, police responded to reports from Giant RV World and Route 44 Toyota that several recreational vehicles and automobiles had been broken into during the night.
Six recreational vehicles and nine automobiles had been vandalized, their windows either pried open or smashed, and items, such as TVs and electronic and entertainment systems, taken, said police.
Middleboro Detective Bobby Lake said there were similar break-ins last year at Crossroads RV Center on Route 44. Televisions and other items were taken from several recreational vehicles parked at the site in Middleboro between Jan. 23 and Oct. 1, 2007, he said.
Lake said surveillance cameras at Crossroads had "picked up two people on the property. But we couldn't identify them since the distance was too far."
Crossroads owner Medi Hosseini said that since the break-ins he has installed "a very high-tech security system and a silent alarm. We'd like to be able to get them in action."
Hosseini said that police arrested two men "around March or April" during a break-in in Providence who confessed to the three break-ins at his business. He said the two men are now wanted on a warrant after not showing up at Wareham District Court for a scheduled hearing.
Duxbury resident William Hanigan, one of the many victims of this week's break-ins in Raynham, said that a keepsake Navy fight jacket will be the most missed item that was taken.
Hanigan, who was having the vehicle repaired at Giant RV World on Route 44 in Raynham and was ready to pick up the vehicle Monday morning, said that the jacket "was a keepsake. It had all of my squadron patches from when I was on active duty from 1960 to 1994."
In addition to the jacket, a .32 caliber Baretta, a sound system, camera, binoculars, flashlights and a CD player were taken, and the robbers "ripped the top of a dresser with a crowbar, instead of just opening the doors."
Raynham police would not comment on whether the break-ins at Giant RV World and Route 44 Toyota were connected to the rash of break-ins in Bridgewater in recent weeks.
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