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Running Cadence

Discussion in 'Patrol' started by JoninNH, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. JoninNH

    JoninNH New Member

    Anyone care to share their favorite (or least favorite) running cadence?


    When I go to heaven
    Saint Peter he will say
    How did you earn your living
    How did you earn your pay
    My reply was with a whole lot of anger
    I made my earning as a Calvary ranger

    When I go to bars,
    the girls they will say
    How did you earn your living
    How did you earn your pay
    My reply was with a cool kinda nod
    Earned my living killing commies for my God

    When I go home
    the hippie they will say
    How did you earn your living
    How did you earn your pay
    My reply as I pulled out my knife
    get out of my way before I take your life


    Up in the morning way too soon
    Hungry as hell by noon

    I went to the mess hall on my knees
    saying cow killer cow killer feed me please
    he looked at me with a big old grin
    "If you want to be a DI you gotta be thin"

    I wanna be a drill instructor
    I wanna cut off all of my hair
    I wanna be a drill instructor
    I wanna earn that smokey bear

    Oh yeah

    Mothers of America, meek and mild
    send to me your sweet young child
    we'll make him dill, and we'll make him run
    we'll make some changes in your young son
    Mothers of America, meek and mild
    don't you worry about your young child
    we'll make him dill, and we'll make him run
    we're make some changes in your young son
  2. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    Anyone know of a good sight to download cadence songs/music?
  3. ptn

    ptn New Member

    Trooper, Trooper can't you see
    all this running is killing me
    if I had a low IQ
    I would be a Trooper too
  4. JoninNH

    JoninNH New Member

    Now thats an odd one. :-k
  5. ponyboy

    ponyboy MassCops Member

    Gi beans and Gi gravy
    Gi I should of joined the navy
    On no not me
    oh no not us
    oh no,oh no.
  6. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    Pt, Pt, Every Day
    Gonna Pt The Marine Corps Way
    Sit-ups, Pull-ups, 3 Mile Mile,
    Gonna Have A Little Fun

    1,2,3,4, United States Marine Corps!
  7. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Up from the sub 60 feet below
    Scuba to the surface and I'm ready to go
    Backstroke, sidestroke, swim for the shore
    I hit the beach and I'm ready for war
    Grease gun, KBar by my side
    These are the tools that I live by
    Special Forces!!
    Green Berets!!
    Killing commies
    Every day...

    1,000 Marines overran today
    I saved them all I'm a Green Beret!
  8. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Nonsense the scuba cadence is pretty standard with just a slight adaptation.:wink:
  9. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    Nice try man we all know it's Navy Navy I'm in doubt...

    You might be thinking of:
    Hey there Army
    Get out of your tanks and follow me
    I am Marine Corp Infantry

    I'm only giving a C for your effort...
  10. JoninNH

    JoninNH New Member


    I'm more familair with:

    Up in the morning, outta the rack
    Greeted at dawn with an early attack
    First Sergeant rushes me off to chow
    But I dont need it anyhow

    Hail O' Hail O' Infantry
    Queen of battle follow me
    An airborne rangers life for me
    O' nothing in this world is free

    From a big bird in the sky
    All will jump and some will die
    Off to battle we will go
    To live or die, hell I dont know

    Hail O' Hail O' Infantry
    Queen of battle follow me
    An airborne rangers life for me
    O' nothing in this world is free

    Early at night its drizzilin' rain
    I am hit and feel no pain
    But in my heart I have no fear
    Because my ranger God is here

    Hail O' Hail O' Infantry
    Queen of battle follow me
    An airborne rangers life for me
    O' nothing in this world is free

    The mortars and artillery
    The screaming bursts around me
    Jagged shrapnel on the fly
    Kills my buddy, makes me cry

    Hail O' Hail O' Infantry
    Queen of battle follow me
    An airborne rangers life for me
    O' nothing in this world is free

    One, Two, Three, Your Left
    One, Two, Three, Four

    Now the reason I was looking for running cadence was because I have a cousin who's trying to get into better shape before he approaches his recruiter. In the morning I've been running myself, and now he's asked me to run with him. He, for his own reasons, wants to run cadence. It's been four years since I've been in boots and I've run out of cadence to call...
  11. JoninNH

    JoninNH New Member

    I don't know, but I've been told
    The Marine Corp thinks it's mighty bold
    They don't know what the Army can do
    We are proud of our history too
    Our looks and style may not be smooth
    But you oughta see this Army move
    Look to left and what do you see
    A bunch of jarheads just looking at me
    Shout it out and sing it loud
    I'm a soldier and I'm mighty proud
  12. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    Heeeeeeeeeeey Army!
    Where Are You Going?
    Get In Your Tanks And Follow Me!
    I Am Marine Corps Infantry!
  13. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    we'd be running along, feeling fine. You hear that and think "actually I do have all these pains and they're not okay and I don't like them there!" The PT is bad enough without being reminded what's hurting

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    You can have your army kakis
    You can have your navy blues
    But I'm a better fighting man to introduce to you
    His uniform is different, the finest ever seen
    The germans call him devil dog, but his real name is Marine

    He was born on Paris Island, the land that time forgot
    Where the sand is 18 inches deep and the sun is blazing hot.

    I think all the former jarheads know that one.

    Rat shit, bat shit, greasy old twat
    69 douche bags tied in a knot.

    That one use to piss off the WM's. LOL.
  15. Deuce

    Deuce screw you...

    I was trying to keep it clean myself.. But that's no fun....
  16. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    :-k that's gotta be an army cadence.......SEMPER FI!
  17. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    I wish all the ladies
    were pies on the shelf
    If I was a baker
    I'd fill'em all myself

    I wish all the ladies
    were bricks in a pile
    If I was a mason
    I'd lay em all in style
  18. SJR87

    SJR87 MassCops Member

  19. VAP1773

    VAP1773 MassCops Member

    Napalm sticks to little chidren
    All the children of the world
    Melts the chocolate in their pockets
    Burns their eyeballs in their sockets
    Napalm sticks to little children

    Remember the old coke a cola ad?
  20. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    Up in the morning with the rising sun
    gonna run run run till the running's done
    pull-ups, sit ups, 3 mile run
    pt pt lot's of fun

    C47 rolling down the strip
    Marine Corps troops gonna take a little trip
    Stand up, buckle up, shuffle to the door
    hit the deck and I'm ready for war
    grease gun, K-Bar by my side
    these are the tools that make men die

    kill kill kill
    blood makes the grass grow

    blood and guts
    oh yeah
    blood and guts
    oh yeah

    good for you
    good for me
    ah ha
    ah ha

    SEMPER FI MOTHERF - - - -RS! :rock:
  21. K9Vinny

    K9Vinny MassCops Member

    Eat bite fuck suck gobble nibble chew
    cock suck, mother fuck, finger fuck, screw

    Lined a hundred women up against the wall
    bet fifty dollars he could fuck them all
    fucked ninety-eight til his balls turned blue
    then he backed off, jacked off, fucked the other two...
  22. fjmas1976

    fjmas1976 New Member

    SEMPER FI :t:
  23. frapmpd24

    frapmpd24 Senior Member

    oh this is number one
    and the fun has just begun,

    roll me over, lay me down and do it again,
    roll me over in the clover,
    roll me over, lay me down and do it again.
    oh this is number two
    and my hand is on her shoe.

    oh this is number three
    and my hand is on her knee.

    oh this is number four
    and we're rolling on the floor. :

    oh this is number five
    and my hand is on her thigh.

    oh this is number six
    and she liked my bunks of tricks.

    oh this is number seven
    and she's feeling she's in heaven.

    oh this is number eight
    amd she's really in a state.

    oh this is number nine
    and i got her out just in time.

    oh this is number ten
    and she stroked it like a pen.

    oh this is number twenty
    and she begs me give me plenty.

    oh this is number thirty
    and this is nice but dirty.
  24. Future_MALEO_019

    Future_MALEO_019 New Member

    Ain't no use in lookin' down
    Ain't no discharge on the ground
    Ain't no use in lookin' back
    Jody's got your cadillac
    Ain't no use in lookin' round
    Jody's got your girl and gone
    Well Jody, Jody is six foot four
    Jody's never been wooped before
    Jody think's he's a lean and mean.
    But not even he can beat my bay'net blade
    He charged at me, what could I do?
    I had no choice I sliced Jody in two
    And I said, Jody, Jody, when I come home
    Maybe you'll leave my Suzie alone
  25. Future_MALEO_019

    Future_MALEO_019 New Member

    Here's another of my favorites:

    Left, right, left, right, left, right, KILL
    Left, right, left, got graves to fill -Refrain
    See that commie dressed in black
    With my E-tool in his back
    Rope to the market where the terrorists shop
    Pull my machete and I start to chop
    See the raghead dressed in red
    With my KaBar in his head
    Swim to the beach where the slant eyes chill
    Whip up my weapon and shoot to kill
  26. Future_MALEO_019

    Future_MALEO_019 New Member

    Oh yea, forgot to say, if anyone is offended by the ethnic slurs in that, Sorry.

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