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Rules Update November 13 2006

Discussion in 'MassCops News' started by Gil, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Last Updated: November 13 2006

    Please review the following rules for using MassCops:


    Warning. Your postings on this public forum will become public. Your text will be available to anyone with an internet connection.

    Post in the right forum! You may have your post deleted or moved if you post in the wrong forum.

    Use decriptive topic subjects. This will help others find what they want to read. Topics with bad Topic subjects may be deleted!

    Research your post! Make sure you are not double-posting by using the Search feature; many questions have been answered several times before.

    No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people.

    Armchair Moderating
    The Forum Officials know how to do their job and don't need to be coached by the members. If you have an issue with a decision made by a moderator, contact an Administrator. Do not start a series of threads to argue with the moderator involved - this will be viewed as spamming and will result in an appropriate penalty. Ultimately, you are a guest on a privately-owned board, so please don't act as if you own them.

    No personal attacks. Criticize ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes any material which is vulgar, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws.

    The use of profanities is not prohibited on the MassCops Forums except in situations where it is considered excessive or used to attack other users. It is also strongly advised that new thread topics do not include unnecessary profanities. Any user found using excessive foul language in their posts may be asked to tone it down and/or have their posts edited by Forum officials accordingly. Users should also note that some specific inappropriate terms have been banned and will be automatically censored in their posts if used.

    No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or unsavory material. This includes suggestive images, graphics, comments, and links to sites containing such information.

    We define porn as any image, movie, or even text that explicity shows or describes what is considered "adult content". While images of scantily-clad persons are permitted under certain circumstances (eg. the "Guys' Only Thread" in the Institutions Forum), the posting of graphic images displaying sexual acts or organs is forbidden. This also includes posting web links to sexually explicit websites elsewhere.

    Respect the privacy of others. Do not post others' e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, pictures, or other personally identifying information, without their permission.

    Each forum member may have only one account.

    Inappropriate Profiles
    Anyone found registering a new profile account with an offensive or distasteful handle will have that account disabled by a Forum official. Likewise, custom avatars and titles must also not contain offensive or distasteful images or slogans. Example of inappropriate avatars include sexually explicit images, logos or other images representing conventional "hate groups" or ideologies (such as Nazi-ism or the Ku Klux Klan), or images depicting real-life violence or carnage (such as pictures from and it's kindred sites).

    Stick to the topic. If you want to post something unrelated to a particular discussion thread, then start a new topic in the appropriate forum.

    Caps Usage
    Please do not post threads (or thread titles) in all capitals. It is considered akin to shouting and is not necessary. It just makes the boards look untidy and pisses many users off.

    NO blatant advertising. MassCops is not free advertising space.

    A signature is a small snippet of content that you can have automatically added to the end of the messages you post in the forums. You can edit your signature by selecting the option from the Control Panel menu.

    Signatures will be no longer than 4 lines.
    Do not pad your signtaure with extra blank lines.
    Signatures may contain 1 image.
    Signatures may contain a link to your personal home page or sites that maybe of use to other members.
    Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts.

    If you are found breaking any of the rules you may have your account deleted immediately. There will be no warnings given!

    Messages that are posted on MassCops become the property of MassCops once the author submits the message to be posted.

    By posting a message to MassCops, you indicate your acceptance of these rules.
    If you have any questions about these rules, please contact us.

    Common Abbreviations
    A general guide to posting abbreviations often used on MassCops:
    ATTN - Attention
    BTW - By The Way
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
    ITT - In This Thread (or In This Topic)
    LOL - Laughing Out Loud
    ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    ROFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    PPOR - Post Proof Or Retract
    RE - Regarding
    WEG - Wicked Evil Grin
  2. Andy0921

    Andy0921 MassCops Member

    What if we are just joking around with one of the "usuals"?
  3. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Just try to limit it to After Hours, it's just really been getting to out of hand lately. I am really getting sick of this site being referred to "TrashCops" on other forums.
  4. Andy0921

    Andy0921 MassCops Member

    I understand...Just wasn't sure if everyone of these rules applied to "after hours"
  5. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    Andy these new rules are in effect because of you and I. :D
  6. kttref

    kttref New Member

    Who has done that?
  7. 94c

    94c Subscribing Member

  8. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see Sine jumping to MC's defense... :thumbup:
  9. kttref

    kttref New Member

    Seriously! He's a good guy. is the only other site that I used prior to getting hired (that I didn't get kicked off of)...and honestly this one had much better answers to questions I had...

    oh i used - that one wasn't bad, just it was so quiet all the time...kinda like conncops!

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