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Rt 3 closed after fugitive rams SP cruisers

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Thankfully this guy is no longer mingling with the general public... check out his websites for a disturbing look into a very strange man's head..


Route 3 closed after fugitive hit state police cruiser
By Associated Press, 3/20/2003 18:46

TYNGSBORO, Mass. (AP) State police closed Route 3 and dispatched a bomb squad after a man suspected of having explosives in his car fled police in New Hampshire and rammed into a state police cruiser, authorities said.

No explosives were found in the car and no one was hurt in the chase.

Michael F. Lidman, 24, of Merrimack, N.H., was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon a motor vehicle, one count of negligent operation, failure to stop, use of a motor vehicle without authority and failure to keep right. He pleaded innocent and was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail.

He also faces earlier charges including disobeying a police officer and reckless conduct in New Hampshire.

Lidman's parents called police around 7:30 a.m. after he left home with the family car without permission.

Merrimack police followed, discovering two model planes that Lidman had apparently discarded along the way. A Web site constructed by Lidman, which announced his arrest for a ''terror demonstration'' on Thursday, contained a letter to President Bush that compared model airplanes to ''Iraqi drones'' that can be used in terrorism.

''I have built and flown remote control airplanes and know that it would be easily within the means of even the most disconnected group of rag tag hobbyists to construct any number of these drones,'' the letter said.

''The ability to destroy all of humanity is now in the hands of any committed individual and beyond even the most orwellian forms of government control,'' it said.

A woman who answered the phone at Lidman's home Thursday afternoon said no one was available for comment.

During the pursuit, Lidman tried to ram his car into two different police cruisers. On the third attempt, police cornered and stopped him, prosecutors said.

The bomb squad was called because electronics and remote controls were found in the car.

As he was taken away from the scene, he allegedly said his name was Michael Mohammed, and the world had to change to socialism because capitalism wasn't working. He also allegedly encouraged people to use drone planes for al-Qaida-style acts of terrorism.

He allegedly told police he planned to go to Merrimack High School and detonate his model planes, said Beth Stone, spokeswoman for the Attorney General's office.

Route 3 was closed northbound near the Westford Road exit and south in New Hampshire just over the border, causing a massive traffic jam, police said.

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One word comes to mind: JackAss

Thank GOD this guy is in where he should be, and will hopefully get the treatment soooooo needed!
Originally posted by VTCop:
One word comes to mind: JackAss

Thank GOD this guy is in where he should be, and will hopefully get the treatment soooooo needed!
I'm with ya on that one, whatta WhackJob.
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