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Published: August 15, 2008 03:53 am ShareThisPrintThis
Rowley awards fire pumper bid
By Lynne Hendricks

ROWLEY - Selectmen have approved and signed a contract with Greenwood Fire Apparatus Inc. of North Attleboro to purchase a 1500 GPM Class A Pumper Truck.
Coming in under the town-approved $440,000 budget by approximately $12,149, Greenwood was the lowest bid of several received by the Rowley Fire Department, and fire Chief James Broderick said it was the most responsive to the specifications requested by the town. The new pumper will be the third emergency vehicle Rowley has purchased through the company.
"The cost of this proposal with all options and hardware is $427,850.75," Broderick told selectmen last week. "With the awarding of this contract, the Fire Department will have purchased two new pumpers from the company, as well as the used truck that was purchased in 2000."
Broderick said Rowley had specific considerations for truck length and size, due to the limited building space at the department's Hammond Street location. While other proposals were considered, one from Emergency One Inc. and another from Ferrara Fire Apparatus, their prices were higher and none took into consideration Rowley's specific needs and space limitations. Another key advantage to choosing Greenwood is the company's ability to deliver the completed truck within a seven- to eight-month time frame, Broderick said. He and fellow members of the Truck Search Committee also felt good about the company's past record of success in Rowley and throughout the state.
"They've sold more than 15 trucks in five years," Broderick said. "The facilities are located in Massachusetts, and we've purchased an apparatus there in the past."
The base price of the vehicle is $398,854, Broderick said, and the remaining costs are largely associated with outfitting the vehicle with necessary 21st century firefighting technology.
Among some of the bells and whistles that will come along with the new pumper is a foam system allowing firefighters utilization of one foam line, a 12-volt air compressor and automatic chains that drop down onto the tires.
"We have that on all our trucks," Broderick said.
Broderick also cites the advantages of the new pumper truck's David Clark intercom system, which will enable firefighters to communicate better in the event of a fire emergency.
"It cuts down on the noise in the cab, but also allows everyone to listen to the radio," he said.
"We can all talk to each other instead of yelling to each other. It makes it easier to communicate, and it keeps the stress level down."
The new fire engine will be a twin to Rowley's Engine 3, allowing for the transfer of all equipment from that engine to the new pumper, Broderick said.
"That was the big thing in the specifications, to make sure it was interchangeable," Broderick said.
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