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Roswell residents report UFO sightings

Several people in Roswell, N.M., have reported spotting an unidentified flying object over the northwest side of the city, a mecca for those interested in UFOs.

Andre Buonaiuto said he and his wife saw a flying saucer Monday night, KOAT-TV in Albuquerque reported Wednesday.
"We walked outside, my wife and I, we noticed a glow in the sky," Buonaiuto said.

He said despite the city's reputation for extraterrestrial activity, it was the first time he had experienced anything resembling a close encounter.
KOAT-TV said the alleged flying disc was reported by multiple viewers.

UFOs and extraterrestrials are a major tourist draw, with the city's annual UFO Festival drawing record numbers of convention-goers in recent years, said UFO novelty store owner Richard Hesse.

City officials are developing plans for a $25 million UFO museum in Roswell that would open in three years.
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