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Manager Says Bozzio Left Cats In Care Of Friend

OSSIPEE, N.H. -- Rock icon and former Playboy Bunny Dale Bozzio has been charged with animal cruelty in Ossipee.

Police said a dozen cats had to be put down after being found in Bozzio's home. They said Bozzio has pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and will be charged with nine more.

Bozzio fronted the 1980s band Missing Persons and performed with rocker Frank Zappa. She still tours and released a solo album this year.
Her manager, Joe Nelson, said Bozzio had left the cats in the care of a friend. Nelson said Bozzio is a well-known animal lover. Her Web site has a link to the SPCA and says she has cats to give to good homes in the Boston/New Hampshire area.
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