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Police said what began as a shoplifting investigation at Lenox Square Mall ended with one suspect shot, a police officer hit by a car and a police chase that ended at Atlantic Station.
Just before noon Thursday, authorities said four men stole Coach bags from Bloomingdale's in Lenox Square Mall. The men were confronted by two off-duty officers who were working security. Police said the suspects jumped in a car and hit an off-duty Fulton County officer with the vehicle. The officer fired his gun and wounded one of the suspects in the car.
A police chase ensued and ended with a minor crash at Atlantic Station. The men bailed out of the car and started to run on foot, according to authorities. Atlanta police officials and Atlantic Station security were able to apprehend the suspects.
The officer hit by the car suffered non-life threatening injuries. Another officer suffered a pulled hamstring.
The suspect who was shot is expected to be OK.

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