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Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by beau, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. beau

    beau New Member

    Anyone know if the Rhode Island state police conducts a polygraph as part of their hiring process?
  2. ntvs

    ntvs New Member

    :lol: got something to hide? haha no rhode island does not conduct polygraphs
  3. beau

    beau New Member

    No but I have been thru this redicolous test with CT and VT, and even though I pass the test for some reason I do not proceed in the process.
  4. ntvs

    ntvs New Member

    i understand for not wanting to go thru it again, i went thru it in virginia.
  5. cpo210

    cpo210 Guest

    I spoke with Col. Pare of RISP when I graduated the Municipal and he said they do not use the polygraph in RI because it is against the labor laws, but if you took a polygraph for another department, they do request the results from that department

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