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RISP... Test Soon?

Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by CTrain, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. 1234hey

    1234hey MassCops Member

    Get your suit pressed and ready, watch Showtime's Brotherhood, cut your hair, and read the study guide. Ha ha.
  2. City Recruit

    City Recruit MassCops Member

    My notice said to arrive at 1:00 PM, and the exam begins at 2:30. I guess they must be running different groups throughout the day. Anyone have any idea how long/what the time limit is on the exam?
  3. Eagle31

    Eagle31 New Member

    I received the same letter today that stated be there at 1:00 P.M. and test starts at 2:30P.M. Seems like they have their [email protected]! together, unlike the MA Civil Service testing process, which stated be there at 8:00 A.M. when the test started at 11:30 A.M.
  4. Truck Trooper

    Truck Trooper MassCops Member

    Good luck folks. If you want it that hard you will do it.
  5. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Thanks everyone for reminding me to run out and check may mail!

    See ya'll there on the 23rd. Good luck to everyone!
  6. 1234hey

    1234hey MassCops Member

    I have the earlier exam at 8:30am. Good luck to everyone. I'm wondering how quickly these tests will be graded and sent out in time for their next phase of PATs.
  7. City Recruit

    City Recruit MassCops Member

    Well, that was a fun afternoon! Good luck to all, and may the best men (and women) succeed.
  8. 1234hey

    1234hey MassCops Member

    That was an experience!
  9. BPD3352

    BPD3352 MassCops Member

    Post your stories!!!! We want stories!!!!
  10. 1234hey

    1234hey MassCops Member

    No stories, but let's reiterate that they are squared away.
  11. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    I agree, no fooling around there.

    I loved it, thought it was an awesome experience and made me really want it.
  12. City Recruit

    City Recruit MassCops Member

    Same here. That was the first civil service exam I'd ever taken, and it really motivated me. I only got yelled at for having one of my papers sticking out of my pocket a little, and for looking a little nervous (my bad!), so I guess overall I did pretty well. I thought the way they humiliated the guys who didn't dress correctly was rather amusing. It was only printed right on the notice how to dress...
  13. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    One kid showed up in a t-shirt and jeans...
  14. BPD3352

    BPD3352 MassCops Member

    I bet the Troopers were very happy to see him!!:D
  15. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Haha yeah, him, the kids with facial hair, long hair, etc.
  16. RISP is second to none! It is apparent to me that this department is dedicated to being the best in this country. To experience that for a written exam, only the first part of a long process is incredible. Have no doubts about someone that is a member of that department. Makes the municipal recruitment process look like soccer tryouts. Good Luck!
  17. Eagle31

    Eagle31 New Member

    RISP don't screw around. They certainly have my vote for being one of the top (next to MSP) State Police agencies in the country. I honestly wanted to laugh at some of the comments that the troopers made to candidates who were under-dressed, overweight, or had facial hair, however there was always the prospect that it could be my turn next. I second that RISP definitely makes MA civil service look like soccer camp. Good Luck in the process!
  18. Gil

    Gil Founder of MassCops Staff Member

    Trooper: Are you ready!?
    Laid back test taker: I'm good to go. (lol I would have love to see that)

    Trooper: (staring down an under dressed test taker)
    Laid back test taker: Howz it going (another conversation I would have loved to seen first hand)

    Remember the situation should dictate your demeanor and responses lol
  19. Foxy85

    Foxy85 MassCops Member

    You should have said that to the Trooper. I'm sure he would love to have heard you say that to him.
  20. ride1620

    ride1620 MassCops Member

    From what I could hear, someone got pulled over on the way to the exam in an unregistered car =D>=D>
  21. GD

    GD MassCops Member

    There is a lot of that in RI!!! People come to our interviews at my station with unregistered cars, invalid inspection stickers etc.

    HERE this loud and clear, it takes a person of special qualities to be a police officer and trooper in RI or anywhere else. No one wants to babysit you and unfortunately some have slipped through making us look bad!!
    If your car isn't registered or inspection is invalid, you are untrustworthy!!!
    Good luck to everyone!!!
  22. City Recruit

    City Recruit MassCops Member

    Sorry, but it just didn't seem like the time or place for humor :)
  23. RIgal34

    RIgal34 MassCops Member

    It should be interesting to see how everyone does when they mail out the results from the exam in a little over a week. If anyone thought the atmosphere at the written exam was intense, the rest of the process is exponentially higher, nevermind the academy.

    After selecting a couple of 19 yr olds for the last academy, I have it on good knowledge that the RISP will most likely not be taking anyone under the age of twenty one for this upcoming academy. This reasoning coincides with the fact that they want candidates with either military experience or a sufficient amount of college credits (or both).

    Also, if one gets past the PT and oral interview, the criminal and background investigation is extremely extensive.
  24. City Recruit

    City Recruit MassCops Member

    Has anyone here gone through the testing process before? I'm curious to know about how much time there is between events at the PAT. Does everyone go from one event right to the next, or do they move the entire group through one at a time? I'm trying to train as realistically as possible.

  25. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Before the exam, one of the other test-takers was saying that he heard each event is one after the other for the PAT, with the 1.5 mile run being first.

    But that's just one kind talking about what he heard, so who knows

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