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RISP... Test Soon?

Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by CTrain, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    Pretty sure that it's no Mass Civil Service test... put it that way.
  2. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Well yes, I know that. But how does that make us (the posters in this thread) crybaby computer toughguys? Am I completely missing something here???
  3. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

    I think he meant that a majority of us are this:
    I didn't know that the RISP test had a 90% fail to sit your ass in a chair rate though... LOL

  4. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Haha gotcha, 5-0
  5. hack1631

    hack1631 MassCops Member

    Rhode Island State Police

    The Recruitment period for the Rhode Island State Police is July 1, 2008 - August 4, 2008.

    Please visit the following site for all information:

  6. nikc12

    nikc12 MassCops Member

    Re: Rhode Island State Police

    I've looked all over the site with no luck, but does anyone know:

    the starting salary,
    the max salary,
    retirement plan (how many years to become vested? yearly multiplier? lifetime medical? etc.),
    yearly holidays,

    thanks in advance.
  7. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Re: Rhode Island State Police

  8. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    The academy attitude starts on test day they are hardcore from day 1 of the process my current boss retired in 2004 as 3rd in charge.... they have a mandatory 25year retirement....
  9. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    is your boss still hardcore?
  10. GD

    GD MassCops Member

    You must work in the big city and are talking about Billy!!
  11. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    I work in providence not for billy though.....
    He isn't hardcore like going through the academy but he doesn't take any shit he still has the trooper attitude and work ethic thats for sure and has very high expectations.
  12. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    So any word yet on when the test actually is?

    ... or is it on the site, and I'm having a brain fart?
  13. Boston664

    Boston664 New Member

    Just to comment on the "best of the best" commentary floating around. For those of you not from RI, RISP has been extremely successful in impressing on the public an image of perfection, utmost discipline, and extreme "no bullshitedness". They advertise as being absolutely a cut above the rest by a wide margin. Whether or not this is true can be up for debate. They are probably the most paramilitary (in the true sense of the word) state police organization in the country. Troopers salute their superiors all day. They come in all heights, but are all absolutely solid. They look like Marine Corps drill sgts, and I mean nearly ALL of them. In a state where corruption has run rampant through nearly all government departments including MANY PD's, the RISP have remained virtually impervious to that kind of behavior, even when it was endorsed by past mayors and governors. Their detective division is extremely squared away, constantly wiretapping drug rings, corrupt politicians and the mob. They work only with the AG and US Attorney - no city solicitor prosecutions. Their selection process is extremely vigorous, and competition is extreme to say the least. They are looking for people with nearly spotless backgrounds, that includes driving history and credit. Even if you do make it through the academy, you may still be placed on a reserve list. In RI you can always tell an off duty trooper by the way they stand and their build. Best of the best? Maybe. Totally different plane of LE? Definitely.
  14. 5-0

    5-0 Guest

  15. samadam78

    samadam78 MassCops Member

    Boston 664: Exactly what I was getting at when I said the "best of the best" comment....
  16. PatrolDB

    PatrolDB New Member

    RISP is definitely known for not taking any bullshit! The ones I've met are good guys and definitely know their stuff!

    If you're Italian you have a great chance of getting on! :L:
  17. HELPMe

    HELPMe New Member

    Yeah or if your first name isnt Vinny, Sal, Tony, or Franko you dont stand a chance.

    I read else where, they are looking to put on a class of about 35 recruits.

    Does anyone know if this test is competing for just those 35 slots or if they are going to use this test to establish a list for future classes as they are needed.
  18. 1234hey

    1234hey MassCops Member

    Considering their new marketing campaign regarding a liberal selection process, I decided to sign up and represent the Irish population.
  19. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Haha I'll join you in that representation

    REILEYDOG MassCops Member

  21. Boston664

    Boston664 New Member

    The Italian thing is more true about Providence PD, but not RISP - if you look at most troopers backgrounds they typically come from mixed european heritage, mostly being Irish in all honesty. The Colonel's last name is Doherty. RI has a bigger Irish population than Italian, and actually a more "blue blooded" Irish political influence, though it didn't seem like it for the past couple decades due to la cosa nostra bullshit. The Italian way is still prevalent in some government arenas, but really has begun to fade out with respect to law enforcement in general, in wide part due to oustings, indictments and restructuring resulting from corruption crackdowns in the last ten years. In all honesty, if this were a providence police recruitment drive, I'd be more inclined to agree with you - but RISP has a pretty concrete set of standards that don't really budge based on your last name being Scarpelli, or knowing a prominent Italian state rep from federal hill. Basis: current prosecutor with RIAG.

    REILEYDOG MassCops Member

    It was a joke.
  23. Boston664

    Boston664 New Member

    Hey man I understand it was a joke - I just thought it would be interesting to talk about in more detail. The fact is, RI is an f'd up place that evokes alot of different opinions and just wanted to touch on them, thats it, considering what you said is not too far from the truth with respect to RI in general.
  24. CTrain

    CTrain New Member

    Sooo the application date is over... Has the test date been announced yet?
  25. ride1620

    ride1620 MassCops Member

    August 22---test at 830am but you have to be there at 700 so they can BERATE you until the test starts

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