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RISP---Results IN

Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by Southside, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Southside

    Southside New Member

    The Rhode Island State Police Scores have arrived!
  2. tigerwoody

    tigerwoody MassCops Member

    scored a 90..will i see you at the PAT exam dec 19th shawn?
  3. Brian831

    Brian831 MassCops Member

    I heard the cut off for the PT test was an exam score of 88%. I don't know how many people that will be???? I know they are running the PT test on at least 3 separate dates. I only know of 3 confirmed dates because myself and 2 friends all have 3 different dates for the test.
  4. ntvs

    ntvs New Member

    93 and I'll be there on the 23rd
  5. beau

    beau New Member

    Where did you hear that the cut off score was an 88? I'll be there on the 16th.
  6. Brian831

    Brian831 MassCops Member

    I didn't mean to start the rumor mill on that comment. I heard of someone getting an 86% and their letter stated that 88% was needed to move on in the process. It was one of those friend of a friend deals so take it with a grain of salt...because I did. I Just wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone could corroborate it.
  7. jroberge

    jroberge New Member

    I scored an 89 on the RISP test which is pretty sucky, and they want me to go to the PT test on the 23rd. I am also in the military/veteran, does this have any bearing on anything? does anyone know? IM me, thanks.
  8. mikejg114

    mikejg114 New Member

    i got a 94, PT test on the 18th
  9. Southside

    Southside New Member

    Hey tiger,

    Nice Job, I socred a 93 and have my P.A.T. on the 23rd.
  10. hupd451

    hupd451 New Member

    Good Luck
  11. vapd2927

    vapd2927 New Member

    I got an 86% and the letter said you need a 88% to move on to the PT. So I guess its not a rumor.
  12. beau

    beau New Member

    Well that settles it then.
  13. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    Beau, You up for the RISP?? Good luck bro!!!
  14. beau

    beau New Member

    Ya KN hopefully it will not be another one to add to the shitter. Hey give me an email.
  15. evidence

    evidence MassCops Member

    Has anyone heard of anyone getting a 95 or higher?? The closest I have heard of besides you guys is a buddy of mine who recieved an 88. Everyone else I know of got that letter in the mail that said that they needed an 88 or higher and they recieved scores in the mid 80s...anyone else have the PAT with me on the 22nd?
  16. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    evidence, my PAT is on the 22nd
  17. evidence

    evidence MassCops Member

    hey phuzz, i guess we'll be freezing to death together, unless its indoors....actually im sure it will be considering they want us to wear shorts....(polish your sneakers with parade gloss...jk)
  18. mikejg114

    mikejg114 New Member

    Anyone have any ideas on any numbers for the RISP test

    How many took the test
    How many they are putting on

    Also does anyone know if you pass the physical do you automatically go to the interview
  19. evidence

    evidence MassCops Member

    putting on, no idea, took the test, no idea.....as far as the interview goes, the way that the troopers were talking to my group, passing the PAT pretty much guarantees an interview
  20. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    About 3000 people took the written exam...one of the troopers at the exam said they were hiring 30.
  21. titanx34

    titanx34 New Member

    I received a 91 and scheduled for the PAT on the 23rd. It is indoors (the run), or so the letter states.
  22. kemore11

    kemore11 Guest

    i scored a 92 on the exam and i will also be there on the 22nd, everyone better make sure their shoes are shined.....

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