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Right on red from an off-ramp

Discussion in 'Ask A Cop' started by Latitude42, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Latitude42

    Latitude42 New Member

    Today I was pulled over and issued a written warning after exiting I-495 south at exit 12-11, Route 140 in Mansfield. I had turned right on red at the end of the ramp (near Xfinity Center) after stopping. I told the trooper, there is no sign there prohibiting right on red. He said, right on red is never permitted from an expressway off-ramp to a surface highway. I can't find anything like that in the Chapter 89 laws, nor in the driver's manual. Can anybody offer a qualified answer to this?
  2. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    You mean right here with the No Turn on Red sign?

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  3. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Check CMR 540 or 720.
    Ouch. That’s appears to be one of those new fangled traffic control devices.
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  4. Sooty

    Sooty Administrator

    Well then... there's that. :eek::D:D:D
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  5. Latitude42

    Latitude42 New Member

    Well, yes, that is embarrassing, I stand corrected. I did not see the sign because I was looking for one up on the signal mast. However, I did say this in my post this afternoon: the trooper did not say to me, the sign was there, even if I failed to see it (I told him I had looked for one and didn't see one, which was the truth). The trooper said, an off ramp is not an intersection, and therefore right on red does not apply.
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  6. Latitude42

    Latitude42 New Member

    Here is picture I took at 6:15 today, 26.5 hours after I was pulled over and issued a warning (compare to yesterday's uploaded picture). IMG_0052.jpg
  7. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Fight it you fool!!! If your history isn't bad, the Magistrate will probably give you a pass.;)
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  8. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Was the trooper wearing his hat? If not you got the ticket beat. Fight it.
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  9. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    If you had gotten a ticket, you'd beat it on appeal. A warning is a gift.
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  10. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    Oh damn, didn't see the written warning part.........Shaddup Fool!!!!! Written warnings are a win-win for both sides
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  11. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    Then they took the sign down for some reason. Obviously I pulled that image off Google maps which was captured September 2019. So that is interesting. So what we are debating (over a written warning) is whether turning from an interstate exit to a surface road right on red is illegal. Who knows?? If it is, it's here 720 CMR , not in 89/9. Either way, I'm more than happy to discuss this than all the other BS going on right now!
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  12. Latitude42

    Latitude42 New Member

    Thank you for your courteous reply, and yes, you've identified my central question, the reason I posted in the first place. I have looked into 720 CMR as suggested. There is mention of right on red, but the only exclusion is the obvious one: a sign prohibiting. I am aware that written warnings are inconsequential if they are far between (I've only had 2 before, the last being 14 or 15 years ago).
  13. Redneck Hippie

    Redneck Hippie MassCops Member

    It's legal in West Newton I-90 west to Rt. 16 west.
    It was the subject of a Starts & Stops in the Boston Globe.

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