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Revere Police does have an Auxiliary Unit/ Some officers have Specials on their patches and some have Auxiliary..Same Unit...From what I've seen they are fairly active..they do carry....patrol city property...and are sworn in as specials or constables(not sure which)...they are very visable on the 4th July weekend in the Point of Pines section of the city..just up from Revere Beach...To get on you do need to be a Revere resident..from what I was told by one of their Captains....Kinda irked me considering that my dad and grandfather were both Full time regulars for a good many years on the Revere Police...My dad retired as a Sgt..coulda made Lt but someone from Medford back in the late 70's had something to do with that.. :mrgreen: ...but also back then you could move out of the city which my family did...Oh well...them's the breaks
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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