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Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot (News Articles & Comments)

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    Police study video in cop’s shooting

    By Laurel J. Sweet and Lisa Hornak
    Monday, October 1, 2007 - Updated 18m ago

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    Slain Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot’s grief stricken partner, patrolman David Caramanica, adds flowers to the site of a shooting that killed his partner.


    Shattered dreams: Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot, shown with fiancee Constance Bethell, died yesterday after being shot behind Revere High School early Saturday.

    Authorities investigating the death of Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot are scouring security video that appears to have captured key moments just before he was shot, sources tell the Herald.
    The tape does not show the actual shooting but shows a group of young men crossing a field in the direction of Talbot and his friends.
    The images were recorded by a camera near a ballpark behind Revere High School, where the off-duty 30-year-old gang unit cop was fatally shot early Saturday morning in front of his fiancee Constance Bethell, 28, and fellow officers who’d been enjoying a night out.
    Law enforcement officials and sources would not say last night why the off-duty group was behind the high school.
    No arrests had been made as of early last night, but sources said the officers had a confrontation with at least one young man, who threatened to return with friends. The tape appears to show at least three young men later walking toward the officers. It does not show Talbot being shot and it remained unclear last night who did the shooting.
    Neither Revere nor state police released any new information about the tragedy yesterday. Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, said investigators were “awaiting final autopsy results and reviewing a broad range of evidence and potential evidence before making any further comment.”
    Talbot and Bethell, who shared a home in Salem with two Jack Russell terriers, Rocko and Louie, were to be marriedOct. 4, 2008, according to Talbot’s grief-stricken partner, patrolman David Caramanica.
    “We rode together every day for five years,” Caramanica said. “You knew he had your back and you didn’t have to worry about anything in the world. It was always comforting to know Danny was in the car.”
    Caramanica said he was not with Talbot when he was killed, but the two men had tickets to see the Patriots [team stats] play the Cowboys in DallasOct. 14 and were so excited they spoke of little else in the past month. Talbot’s mother, Mary Patricia Talbot of New Hampshire, was making funeral arrangements for her son yesterday and declined to comment.
    Friend Lynda McKinnon called Talbot “a well-respected man. It’s a shame that he got cheated out of his life. He was devoted to his work, to his fiancee and to his family. He had everything going for him.”
    Patrolman Charles Patch said Talbot was a regular at his home on Christmas Eve. He said Talbot played goalie for the Revere High hockey team and had served in the Army. “Too young, too tragic,” Patch said. “It’s devastating.”
    Flowers lay yesterday on the windshield of Talbot’s black SUV, parked in front of the Revere Police Department’s memorial to fallen officers.
    “He was one of the hardest working officers here,” Lt. John Goodwin said. “Hard working, dedicated.”

    Revere officer dies from gunshot wound

    By O’Ryan Johnson
    A five-year veteran of the Revere police department, shot once in the head in a parking...

    Revere police officer injured in shooting
    By O’Ryan Johnson
    A Revere police officer was shot at least once early this morning in the rear...
    More on:
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    Autopsy may ID bullet fatal to Revere officer

    Officials probe Saturday's shooting near high school


    A State Trooper combed through the grass yesterday during the investigation of the shooting of a Revere police officer. (Dominic Chavez/Globe Staff)

    By Maria Cramer, Globe Staff | October 1, 2007

    Investigators were awaiting the results of an autopsy performed by state medical examiners yesterday on Revere police Officer Dan Talbot to help determine who fatally shot him early Saturday behind the city's high school, a spokesman for the Suffolk District Attorney's office said yesterday.
    The results are expected to reveal what type of bullet killed Talbot, said Jake Wark, spokesman for Daniel F. Conley.
    No one had been arrested in connection with the shooting as of yesterday evening, Wark said.
    Authorities have released little information about the officer's death. They have refused to say whether any officers were with Talbot, who was a member of the gang unit, or if he was on duty when someone shot him in the parking lot of Revere High School. Wark declined last night to say whether authorities believed Talbot was shot by another officer or by gang members.
    "It's simply too early to tell," Wark said. "We'll have to await the results of an autopsy and ballistics evidence to make any kind of determination."
    Wark did say that police had interviewed "a number of people" who were at the scene when Talbot was shot and were seeking others. He declined to elaborate.
    Several state troopers returned to the scene and scoured the baseball field near the parking lot, the area where the officer was shot once in the head.
    His mother, Patty Talbot, said she knew nothing about the investigation and was troubled by speculation she had heard in media reports. She described her son, the oldest of three children, as a kind man who had always wanted to be a police officer and was excited about his wedding planned for next October to his longtime girlfriend, Connie Bethell.
    "He had a heart of gold and always wanted to help people," Talbot said in a telephone interview from her home in New Hampshire. "He's dearly missed by so many, so many people."
    He will be buried Saturday in Cambridge, next to his aunt and uncle, Talbot said. A wake will be held Friday; a funeral, Saturday.
    "I loved him very much," she said.
    City officials and friends of Talbot said they were anxious for answers about his shooting.
    "Without question, we're looking for answers to find out what's going on," said Councilor Bob Haas. "It doesn't make too much sense."
    Councilor George Rotondo said he wanted the city to offer a $100,000 reward for anyone with information about who shot Talbot. But he said he understood why investigators had revealed few details.
    "I think the DA wants to make sure that nothing is left unturned," he said. "I think that he wants to have a thorough investigation."
    At the parking lot yesterday, a single red rose and a bouquet of orange and yellow Gerber daisies were placed on a chain-link fence near the bleachers.
    Mike Silvestri, who said he was a friend of Talbot, drove by the parking lot and peered at the police tape that still hung from trees and bleachers.
    "I'd like to know what happened because something doesn't seem right," he said. "I hope they catch whoever did it."
    City and school officials said surveillance cameras are set up at the high school, but they were unsure what they captured or whether they were trained on the area where Talbot was shot. Asked about the cameras, Wark said only that "investigators are analyzing a wide variety of evidence."
    A manager at Margaritas, a restaurant on American Legion Highway near the high school, said Talbot had been there the night of the shooting, but did not elaborate.
    WCVB-TV reported yesterday that Mayor Thomas G. Ambrosino of Revere confirmed that Talbot and his fiancée were at Margaritas bar in Revere and somehow ended up behind the high school with several other police officers.
    In the hours after the shooting, State Police canvassed the city in cars and helicopters. They spent hours on Thornton Street, which they closed off, startling residents who said they were not told why their neighborhood was targeted.
    "It was unbelievable," said Jody Keth, 20, who lives in a three-decker on Thornton Street, where he said officers patted down residents and asked them who they were. "It was harassment."
    Talbot, a 1995 Revere High School graduate, studied criminal law at Salem State College. He and Bethell had recently moved to Salem, where they had bought a two-bedroom town house.
    According to the couple's website, they planned to wed at the Davensport Yacht Club.
    "I'm just a girl in this world loving life at the moment, looking forward to marrying the man who has been with me for the past eight years," Bethell wrote on her MySpace page.
    Talbot's MySpace website was still up last night, and several friends had posted messages in memory of him. Still on his page was a list of officers killed in the line of duty across the country.
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    Re: Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot Shot Killed In Revere
    R.I.P Dan...

    Originally Posted by Delta784
    My thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family and the Revere PD, but something about this just doesn't feel right.

    I know its from the Herald...but this article raises more questions than it answers...

    Revere officer dies from gunshot wound
    By O’Ryan Johnson
    Sunday, September 30, 2007

    A five-year veteran of the Revere police department, shot once in the head in a parking lot behind the high school early yesterday morning and then rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital, has died.

    Officer Daniel Talbot, 30, was surrounded by others when the shooting
    happened, and sources said at least two of those people were his fellow police officers.

    Suffolk DA Dan Conley refused to comment about who was near Talbot when the shooting happened, saying investigators knew who they are.

    He said the “state police unit from headquarters that investigates police-involved shootings” is also a part of the investigation. The department defines a police-involved shooting as one where a police officer discharges his or her service weapon. Conley refused to elaborate. He said no one is in custody.

    State police canvassed the neighborhood of the shooting around 4 a.m. A state police helicopter hovered over the scene for hours.

    Talbot was described as a courageous, hard-working cop who loved his job.
    “Dan is a very thorough, hard-working police officer. He comes to work, does his job,” said Revere Police Chief Terrance Reardon. “He’s got a lot of guts, as I said. Our hearts go out to him and his family.”

    According to a source, Talbot and two other officers spent the hours before the shooting at an Acton gun range, where they must qualify once a year under department rules. When they returned from the gun range, the trio dined at Margaritas, a Mexican bar and grill in Revere, where a manager confirmed the visit. The manager said he knew Talbot from previous trips to the bar, and knew at least one of the men with him was a police officer.

    The manager said he did not know what time Talbot’s party left.
    Sources said at some point after they visited the bar, Talbot, two other officers and possibly others, traveled to the rear of Revere High School.
    It was in the parking lot there, about 1:30 a.m., that gunshots were fired and Talbot went down, Conley said.

    Neighbors in the area said they heard between four and six gunshots. All of them said they heard the same staccato pattern: a “pop” followed by a pause, then three to five shots fired rapidly.
    Talbot, a 1995 graduate of Revere High School, was assigned to the gang squad and also worked as a patrol officer, Conley said. A classmate said he was raised in Revere by his grandmother.

    Talbot’s former Revere landlord was stunned to hear the news that he was shot, saying the officer was neat and quiet, and a nice man who was able to get through to young people. She said he was recently engaged, and took his fiancee on a cruise to pop the question.

    “Knowing him, he would be one to talk kids out of anything,” said Aloise Stewart of Revere. “He was the kind of guy you felt proud being around. You felt safe. I told him when he moved in that I was worried about him having a gun and he said, ‘I assure you it’s locked up at all times.’ ”
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    Re: Moved Post

    woah woah woah... it was that Dan?
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    Oct 1, 2007 8:15 pm US/Eastern

    Talbot, Off-Duty Cops Approached Behind School

    (WBZ) REVERE Officials have released more information about the off-duty Revere police officer who was shot and killed over the weekend.

    Dan Talbot, 30, who was shot in the head behind Revere High School early Saturday morning, was "socializing" with two other off-duty police officers right before the shooting happened, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley on Monday.

    Conley said while the officers were hanging out, they were approached by a group of young men in their late teens and early 20s. According to Conley, shots were exchanged and Talbot was struck in the head.

    An autopsy performed on Talbot revealed the "projectile" removed was not from a gun issued to officers in the Revere Police Department, officials said.

    Talbot's friend John Winam and Talbot's partner said the fallen officer was on three days off when the shots ran out.

    Talbot had qualified at the shooting range, so the three of them went to Margaritas. "Dan was just qualifying -- as a police officer, he had his qualifying duties, and we met up, had some drinks, we split our separate ways halfway through the night, and that was the last time I'd seen him," explains Winam.

    Mayor Thomas Ambrosino told WBZ the shooting appears to be an isolated incident.

    The Boston Herald is reporting that a security video appears to have captured key moments just before Talbot was shot. Conley said they are looking at the video for clues into the shooting.

    Talbot served five years on the force and worked in the gang unit.

    So far, no arrests have been made in the case. Police are asking for the public's help with this case. Anyone with information is asked to call Revere police.

    A memorial fund has been set up for Officer Talbot's family:

    Officer Dan Talbot Memorial Fund
    Attention: Citizens Bank
    385 Broadway
    Revere, MA 02151

    His wake will be Friday and his funeral Saturday at St. Anthony's Church on Revere Street in Revere.
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    :( RIP , another good guy gone
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    jesus christ. I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. I had no idea.
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    Re: Moved Post

    Absolutely terrible R.I.P. Dan.
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    God Bless RIP

    This has all the markings of a MS-13 hit. Time will tell!!
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    Arrests Made In Shooting Of Revere Officer

    Autopsy Indicates Bullet Not The Same Caliber As Officers' Weapons

    POSTED: 5:53 am EDT October 2, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:16 am EDT October 2, 2007

    REVERE, Mass. -- Authorities said Tuesday morning they have made arrests in connection with the shooting of an off-duty Revere police officer last weekend.
    They would not release further details but were expected to have more information later in the morning.
    The Suffolk district attorney said the police officer, Daniel Talbot, who was killed Saturday in a shootout with a group of young men, was not shot by a fellow officer.
    Talbot was shot once in the head early Saturday morning as he socialized with other off-duty officers in a parking lot behind Revere High School.
    District Attorney Daniel Conley said there was some kind of confrontation and an unidentified shooter fired on the officers, who fired back.
    Conley said an autopsy report shows the bullet that killed Talbot was not the same caliber as weapons the other officers carried.
    The 30-year-old Talbot was a five-year veteran of the force who was assigned to the gang unit. Conley said it's not clear if the men who confronted the officers were gang members.

    Altercation sparked shooting, police say

    Public's help sought in death of officer

    By Maria Cramer and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | October 2, 2007

    REVERE - Officer Dan Talbot was killed after a small group of men in their late teens and early 20s confronted him and several other off-duty officers early Saturday morning in the parking lot of Revere High School, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said yesterday. Conley said the officers had been socializing when the young men approached.
    The groups began firing at each other, and Talbot, a 30-year-old member of the Revere police gang unit, was shot in the head. An autopsy yesterday revealed that the bullet did not come from a 40-caliber Glock semiautomatic handgun, the service weapon of the Revere Police Department and the model carried by Talbot and the other officers.
    State and city police have scoured Revere, searching houses on streets known for gang activity. Early yesterday morning, state and city police in full riot gear stormed a brick townhouse on Cooledge Street and hauled away two young men in handcuffs, neighbors said.
    Police Chief Terence Reardon, appearing at a Revere City Council meeting last night, vowed to solve the crime.
    "We will get to the bottom of this," Reardon, who wore a black band over his badge, told councilors. "We owe it to Danny."
    Mayor Thomas Ambrosino said that the three police officers who were with Talbot during the shooting had been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. He did not identify the officers and said that placing officers involved in a fatal shooting on leave was standard. "It's not atypical," he said of the move. "It does not reflect any wrongdoing."
    A law enforcement source with direct knowledge of the case said that Talbot's fiancée was present during the shooting. Ambrosino called the shooting a murder and said that Talbot was shot in the forehead.
    Conley, who spoke during a press conference at City Hall, said investigators were reviewing videotaped footage from a camera mounted on top of the high school. He did not describe what led to the altercation or whether the officers knew the assailants.
    He asked for the public to help officials in identifying the men who fired on police. But he declined to say what they looked like and did not elaborate on the kind of efforts law enforcement officials have made to find them.
    "We are continuing to interview individuals that may have information that will shed light on the truth of Saturday morning's tragedy," Conley said in an interview.
    He would not comment on whether the officers requested back-up after they were approached by the teenagers. He also declined to say what kind of gun was used to kill Talbot, who had served in the department for five years.
    "The investigation remains very active," he said. He declined to comment about the early morning search.
    According to police records, police executed a search warrant for the house at 5:28 yesterday morning and later charged one man with possession of drugs and another man with possession of an electric weapon.
    "It was scary," said Danny O'Leary, who lives next door to the house and heard police banging at the door. Neighbors said police used a battering ram to gain entrance to the house and knocked over furniture once inside.
    At the high school, someone had added a glass cross to a small memorial near bleachers close to the parking lot.
    "It's crazy," said Sothary Ren, a 2007 graduate who walked by the bleachers yesterday afternoon on her way to pick up her brother, a freshman at Revere High School. "You'd think this could never happen at school."
    Ren, who used to work at the Dunkin' Donuts shop on North Shore Road, said Talbot came to the shop often. She often sneaked him free doughnuts, and he would give her $2 tips. She recalled asking him about his job.
    "I always asked him, 'Is it bad today? Is it hard today?' " Ren, 19, said. "He'd say, 'Sometimes.' "
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    Word is a 17 year old will be arraigned in Chelsea District Court this afternoon as accessory before the fact. Breaking news expected today or tomorrow.

    Revere (AP/WBZ Newsroom) -- A 17-year-old has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a Revere police officer. Derek Lodie, of Revere, is charged with being an accessory before the fact in the murder of Officer Daniel Talbot.

    Talbot was shot once in the head early Saturday morning as he socialized with other off-duty officers in a parking lot behind Revere High School.
    Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley says there was some kind of confrontation and an unidentified shooter fired on the officers, who fired back.
    An autopsy report shows the bullet that killed the 30-year-old Talbot was not the same caliber as weapons the other officers carried.
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    Suspect charged as accessory to Revere cop’s murder

    Photo by Mark Garfinkel
    17-year-old Derek Lodie, seen here being led into Chelsea District Court, is being arraigned today as an accessory to murder in the death Saturday of Revere police officer Daniel Talbot.

    By Laurel J. Sweet
    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 - Updated 3m ago

    A homeless 17-year-old pleaded not guilty today to a charge he ordered the execution of Revere police Officer Daniel Talbot Saturday night.
    The teen, Derek Lodie, was ordered held without bail. He is due back in court Oct. 9. He is charged with being an accessory before the fact to the weekend murder.
    Prosecutors say Lodie, who is listed as homeless but has lived in Revere, confronted the officer Saturday night and left to enlist three friends to come help him seek revenge. Officials say officer Talbot was shot in the head behind Revere High School before he knew what was happening.
    Other off-duty officers with Talbot returned fire at the young suspects, but only after being fired upon, officials said today.
    "(Talbot) fell on the field mortally wounded and passed away hours later," said Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Ed Zabin.
    Police from Revere, Chelsea, Boston and other communities filled the court to capacity today. Officials have yet to say if they know who the gunman is. They did say a semi-automatic weapon was used in the ambush.
    Revere police walked Lodie to a prisoner transport van earlier as they headed off to the arraignment.
    According to court records, Lodie has a pending assault case where he allegedly attacked his mother. Records show he faces a charge of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, a rifle.
    A press conference with Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley and Revere Police Chief Terence Reardon is scheduled for 4:45 today in Revere City Hall.
    Revere police officers were seen at the court hugging, with one officer saying to the other outside the court: "I told you to keep the faith."
    The Herald reported today Talbot and other off-duty officers gathering behind Revere High School Saturday night prior to the killing had an encounter with another small group of young men in their teens and early 20s, Conley said.
    Conley also said a bullet removed from Talbot’s head was not fired from the .40-caliber semiautomatic Glocks fellow off-duty officers had on them when he was fatally shot early Saturday behind Revere High School.

    3 Arrested In Murder Of Revere Police Officer

    (WBZ) REVERE Three men are now under arrest in connection with the murder of a Revere police officer over the weekend, WBZ has confirmed.

    The suspects have been identified as Robert Iacoveillo, James Heang, and Derek Lodie.

    Lodie, 17, will be arraigned in Chelsea District Court Tuesday afternoon on a single count of being an accessory before the fact to murder.

    The suspects have been identified as Robert Iacoveillo (pictured above), James Heang, and Derek Lodie.
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    Hang the fucksticks!
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    I sincerely hope all 3 of them burn in hell.
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    Rot in hell fuckers...
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    Suspected orchestrator charged in officer's death

    Revere authorities say 3 associates are sought

    By Maria Cramer and Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | October 3, 2007

    CHELSEA - The altercation that ended in the shooting death of Dan Talbot began when 17-year-old Derek Lodie allegedly confronted the off-duty Revere police officer and his friends as they socialized near the bleachers of Revere High School early Saturday, a court was told yesterday.
    As Lodie stood hidden from dozens of officers attending his arraignment in a Chelsea courtroom yesterday, a prosecutor described the rapid succession of events that led to Talbot's death on a baseball field in the early morning.
    Lodie argued with Talbot's group, which included Talbot's 28-year-old fiancée and at least three other officers, and then called three friends on his cellphone to join him, law enforcement officials said yesterday.
    When Lodie's friends arrived, at least one of them armed with a gun, the two groups began shouting, officials said. One of Lodie's friends fired first, striking Talbot in the forehead, a prosecutor said yesterday, igniting a brief exchange of shots.
    "A tragic result was set in motion by the defendant's actions," Assistant District Attorney Edmond Zabin, said at Lodie's arraignment in district court on charges of accessory to murder before the fact. Lodie "orchestrated and escalated the confrontation, which resulted in the shooting death of Officer Talbot."
    Lodie, a Revere teenager who was already facing unrelated charges of assault with a dangerous weapon after allegedly pointing a rifle at his mother, is the first suspect authorities have charged in the case, which prosecutors said yesterday was continuing.
    A not-guilty plea was entered on his behalf.
    Zabin described the three men with Lodie as associates who are known to police, but officials refused to say whether they were in custody. Prosecutors said they do not believe Talbot, 30, a member of the Revere police gang unit, knew Lodie or the other men.
    State and city police in riot gear stormed two houses in Revere on Monday, one on Cooledge Street and the other on Thurlow Avenue, which is less than a half-mile from the school. Police arrested three men following the searches and charged one with possession of a firearm, but did not say whether the arrests were connected to the shooting.
    "State Police homicide detectives assigned to my office, with the assistance of other State Police units and in close collaboration with the men and women of the Revere Police Department, are literally working around the clock," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a written statement yesterday. "No other individual has been charged in connection with Officer Talbot's homicide at this time, but the investigation remains very active and very focused."
    Revere Police Chief Terence K. Reardon said after the arraignment that investigators had interviewed numerous people.
    "There are a lot of loose ends to tie up," Reardon said. "I'd say we're feeling very good about this investigation."
    According to court documents, Lodie lives in a public housing apartment on Raymond Road. No one answered the door yesterday. A neighbor who declined to give her name said that Lodie's mother and younger sister live at the house, but that Lodie had not been there for "quite some time."
    Marika Ghazal, who lives on the street, said Lodie's mother and sister are friendly and polite.
    "They're very nice," she said. "He's quiet."
    During yesterday's arraignment, officers from Revere, Boston, Chelsea, and the Transit Police stood silently shoulder to shoulder and only sat after the judge told them to.
    None of the officers showed any emotion as Zabin described the charges. After the arraignment, they filed quietly out of the courtroom. Some hugged as they stood in the foyer of the courthouse.
    Talbot's fiancée, Constance Bethell, left the courtroom without speaking to reporters.
    Revere police officers said they were not surprised by the turnout.
    "It's a brotherhood," said Officer Joseph Internicola Jr., who has known Talbot since they were students at Revere High School. "It's a family."
    Sergeant Steven Pisano said Talbot was a level-headed officer who gained respect because of his ability to stay cool under pressure and his empathy toward people he encountered on the job.
    "Even if this wasn't a popular officer there would have been so many people here, but this guy was an absolute sweetheart," said Pisano, as he stood in the parking lot of the courthouse. "He will be horribly missed by this department."
    On Friday, Talbot had gone to a firing range with fellow officers, then to Margarita's, a restaurant on American Legion Highway. About 1:30 a.m. Saturday, the group went Revere High School, where they encountered Lodie.
    Talbot, who had planned to get married next October, was looking forward to time off, said Internicola, 30. "He finally got a day off," he said. "You think you're working and living in a city that's safe and something like this happens."
    Three police officers with him that night have been placed on paid administrative leave. Officials have not specified how many officers were present.
    Bouquets of flowers have been left at the police department, where the flag has flown at half-staff since the weekend. When Talbot is buried Saturday in Cambridge police expect hundreds will show up to honor him.
    Yesterday, officers called officers in other departments around the state to alert them of the arraignment so that a large crowd would attend.
    "Anytime a police officer is injured or killed, we rally," said Sergeant Tom Malone, 38. "We wanted to be here for Danny. We wish we could do more."

    [​IMG]Revere police officers listen to the arraignment Tuesday, in Chelsea, Mass., of Derek Lodie on charges of accessory before the fact in the shooting death of Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot. (AP Photo/David Kamerman, Pool)

    Now Here Comes The Crap !!!

    Suspect’s anguished mom: He was in with the wrong crowd

    The troubled teen accused of playing a pivotal role in the slaying of a Revere police officer is a “fool who was with the wrong crowd” and known as a troublemaker, but he would never take part in a cop killing, his anguished mother told the Herald.
    “I’m still shocked,” said Kelly Richards, 40, who broke down in tears when talking about her son’s downward spiral. “He’s not a bad kid, but he’s not the greatest kid. He’s a follower.”
    Her son, Derek Lodie, 17, is charged with being an accessory before the fact in the murder of Revere officer Daniel Talbot early Saturday morning.


    Derek Lodie with girlfriend Alana Edgerly.

    Richards said her son, whose girlfriend is five months’ pregnant, hasn’t lived with her in more than a month, ever since she had police remove him from their Revere Housing Authority apartment after he threatened her with a pellet gun. He’s been living with friends ever since, she said.
    She’s now tormented by her decision to dole out “tough love” with her boy, hoping he would turn around, she said. Richards said her son has only a 10th-grade education and spent three years in foster care before moving back in with her a year and a half ago.
    Lodie’s pregnant giflriend, Alana Edgerly, 18, said he told her he was not at Revere High on Saturday morning when Talbot was killed
    “He’s not a bad person,” Edgerly said. “He had nothing to do with it.”
    Richards, who was at a neighbor’s apartment yesterday with Edgerly, cried when a photographer showed her a photo of her son, who wore a bullet-proof vest at Chelsea District Court for his arraignment.
    Prosecutors allege that Lodie got into an argument with Talbot and called his friends to kill him. Richards can’t believe it’s true.
    “In my God’s honest heart, I know he didn’t have anything physically to do with this,” she sobbed.“I love him. I’m so sorry this happened to him.”
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    Dan Talbot Obit also posted in Final Tour Of Duty

    Daniel A. Talbot


    Of Salem, formerly of Revere, September 29, 2007, age 30, Revere Police Officer.

    Beloved son of Mary "Patty" Talbot of Pelham, NH. Devoted grandson of William and Julia Talbot of AL, who helped raised their grandson.

    Loving fiance of Connie Bethell of Salem, MA. Brother of Paul Talbot of Haverhill and Kristina Smith of Pelham, NH. Nephew of Susan and
    Robert Susi, William and Ellie Talbot, Dawn Talbot and the late Michael Talbot.

    Grand nephew of Judy and John Hannafin. Uncle of Paul Michael Talbot.

    Visiting hours in St. Anthony's Church, 250 Revere St., Revere, Friday, Oct. 5 from 2-8 PM, preceded by a Law Enforcement Walk-By at 1 PM.

    Relatives and friends invited. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Saturday in St. Anthony's Church at 10 AM.

    In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Daniel's name to MA Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation, 10-G Roessler Road, Suite 505, Woburn, MA 01801.

    Member of MA Police Association.

    Member of the National Guard and Army Gulf War Veteran.

    Interment in Cambridge Cemetery.

    Arrangements by Burns Funeral Home of BILLERICA and CAMBRIDGE.

    Published in the Boston Globe on 10/3/2007.

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  18. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Police pay respects to Revere officer

    By O’Ryan Johnson
    Saturday, October 6, 2007

    Photo by Mark Garfinkel

    Police officers representing departments from around Eastern Massachusetts wait yesterday to file into the wake at St. Anthony’s Church for slain Revere police Officer Daniel Talbot, who was shot to death last week.

    A thin blue line of police officers from across the state stretched from the entrance of St. Anthony’s Church in Revere to the parking lot, where cops formed into platoons and waited single-file to view the body of fallen officer Daniel Talbot.
    Revere police Chief Terence Reardon said the massive blue turnout at the wake is a duty for cops who know the risks that go along with the badge.
    “We all realize it could be us,” he said.
    Talbot was killed a week ago in the rear parking lot of Revere High School, where he was socializing with other off-duty cops, after a confrontation with a 17-year-old who allegedly called three friends to the scene including the gunman.
    Officers in the parking lot stood in formation at parade rest. Down the line the arm patches on their dress uniforms read like a map of Eastern Massachusetts: Boston, Chelsea, Everett, Cambridge, Milton, Transit Police, Arlington, Lynn. Row upon row of officers - three platoons in all, each five thick and 25 deep - marched a column at a time, pivoted right and walked into the church.
    Childhood friend David Patch, the son of Revere Officer Charles Patch, said Talbot was a fixture at their home growing up, and the two pals played hockey together as kids.
    “He started out late, but he was a good goalie,” Patch said. “He was a good leader.”
    Revere Police Patrolman’s Union President Officer Paul Crevoiserat said the union mourns “the loss of a brother officer” and offered prayers for his fiancee, his family and friends.
    “He was a role model to a lot of kids,” said Revere Officer Joe Rizzuti, who worked alongside Talbot on the gang squad, a special assignment that city cops undertake in addition to their regular patrol duties.
    “He’d give you a break if you needed a break and he’d give you a boot if you needed a boot,” Rizzuti. “He had a lot of courage. But the thing were going to miss most is his sense of humor.”

    Funeral Services Held For Revere Police Officer

    Hundreds of police officers stand at full attention as Officer Talbot's casket passes by, paying tribute to the fallen Revere police officer.

  19. Chree

    Chree MassCops Member

    Quite a sendoff...I was privileged to be a part of it.
  20. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Rest In Peace brother..............
  21. Inspector

    Inspector Subscribing Member

    Man Charged With Revere Officer's Death

    BOSTON -- A second arrest has been made in connection with the fatal shooting of a Revere police officer.
    The arrest comes after an intense investigation.
    Robert Iacoviello, 20, of Revere, has been charged with the murder of Officer Daniel Talbot. He's the second person charged.
    Derek Lodie, 17, of Revere, was initially charged with being an accessory before the fact in the murder.
    Talbot was shot once in the head on Sept. 29 as he socialized with other off-duty officers in a parking lot behind Revere High School.
    Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley said there was some kind of confrontation and an unidentified shooter fired on the officers, who fired back.
    An autopsy report shows the bullet that killed the 30-year-old Talbot was not the same caliber as weapons the other officers carried.
    Iacoviello is expected to be arraigned on that charge Tuesday morning in Chelsea District Court.
  22. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Re: Man Charged With Revere Officer's Death

    Great news.... keep em coming. Round up all these cowards
  23. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Re: Man Charged With Revere Officer's Death

    Where are all the conspiracy theorists now?
  24. CJmajor27

    CJmajor27 MassCops Member

    Perfect candidates for the death penalty. I think Mass should bring it back for cop killer cowards like these scums of the earth .
  25. TopCop24

    TopCop24 Working in the land of misfit toys

    Iacoviello is nothing more than a little punk who thinks he's a gangbanger. Throw him to the wolves, lock him up in Walpole and let him see what a real gangbanger is. Kid won't last a month.

    The death penalty also works for this sh!tbag

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