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LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) - A Ludlow restaurant owner was brutally beaten while leaving his business Tuesday night. Wednesday, Fernado Nogueira has his money in his wallet, but it certainly cost him. Fernado Nogueira said, "I tried to defend my head and my face."
Fernando Nogueira recalled his frightening night that left him with a dozen staples in his head. The 66-year-old told 22News a black car with one headlight out had been casing his restaurant, the Oak Tree Inn on Center Street in Ludlow, for days, but he didn't think much of it until an attacker broke a bottle on his head, and tried to grab his bank deposit bag.
Around 11 o'clock Tuesday night Fernando came out of his bar with $800 on him. He fiddled with his keys. The perpetrator came around the corner and hit him over the head with a bottle. The fight continued down the steps, which is right near where his son lives below the bar. He started yelling for him and that's when his attacker ran away.
Kenny Nogueira, the victim's son, said, "He was yelling out my name 'Kenny, Kenny' and that is when the perpetrator took off like the little boy that he is." Clearly, Nogueira's son is still enraged that someone would attack his father. Kenny Nogueira said,"I hope he turns himself in cause there will be consequences to pay."
Ludlow police currently have no leads on who may have assaulted Nogueira.
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