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BOSTON (WBZ) ― Tom Brady has now had three follow-up procedures on his injured left knee since having surgery to repair it, according to published reports.

And it seems the Patriots aren't too happy about it.

The Boston Herald first reported Thursday that Brady's doctors are concerned about containing an infection in the knee.

Citing a source, the paper claims "the fear is the patellar tendon graft used to replace Brady's anterior cruciate ligament is in danger of becoming compromised. Should that occur, the entire ACL reconstruction would have to be removed and redone from scratch."

ESPN is reporting that the "Patriots, as an organization, are upset with the situation because they were clear that they wanted Brady's surgery done under the direction of doctors of their choosing in Boston."

Brady had the initial surgery Oct. 6 in Los Angeles, and reportedly had the follow-up procedures there.

ESPN reported Thursday that the doctor was one that Brady's family preferred.

The Patriots are reportedly upset because he was supposed to be back in New England by now. When he will return to Foxboro is unclear.

ESPN is reporting that a person close to Brady said: "Tom is looking at months, not weeks, to fix this."

Brady has confirmed on his web site that he had one arthroscopic procedure done "to clean and to test the wound" last Wednesday.

The Herald's source claims Brady is also being treated with IV antibiotics for six weeks.

New England Patriots spokesman Stacey James said Wednesday the team would let Brady comment on the status of his injury.
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