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The Grant County Sheriff's Department and the district attorney are investigating allegations that five detention center officers allowed inmates to fight with boxing gloves inside the jail.
Grant County Sheriff Raul Houlgin said the investigation is still in its early stages, but the officers in question have been put on administrative leave.
The two inmates possibly involved in the fight have been taken to other correctional facilities while the officers are investigated.
"Rest assured that this type of behavior or any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in our jail, and any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly," said Houlgin.
Target 7 learned the detention center has been without a jail administrator since late July. Houlgin said this is the fifth time since 2003 the Sheriff's Department has had to take the jail over. He hopes things will change with the new jail administrator takes over next month.
The officers in question have not been charged. Stay with Action 7 News on air and online for developments.

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