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Report: Navy sailor faces court martial after hiding

Discussion in 'Military News' started by kwflatbed, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

  2. Fuzzywuzzy

    Fuzzywuzzy MassCops Member

    Hiding? What? Where?
    Or am I missing something.
  3. k12kop

    k12kop MassCops Member

    Kid supposedly fell overboard near Japan, Our Navy and the Japanese spent days searching for him. Turns out he was hiding out on board in the engine room all along.
  4. Fuzzywuzzy

    Fuzzywuzzy MassCops Member

    Oh, thanks.
    I figured it was something stupid like that.
  5. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    It's hard to go UA when your on a ship.
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  6. k12kop

    k12kop MassCops Member

    True that, Sounds like the powers that be are not amused by him after that other ship got slammed by the tanker.
  7. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

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