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Those sh*theads ever want to stand up and fight, I'll take America and England at 50-1 odds. Too bad they hide like cowards and attack children and civilians with car bombs...

What kills me is what primitive cavemen these people are, yet they use the fruits of "decadent" and "infidel" West to prosecute their war. These people have invented nothing, and if it wasn't for western science and engineering they would still be living in the 12th century. They fly in Boeing and Airbus planes. Live in western-designed buildings. Drive in Fords, Cadillacs or Mercedes. Use American or Japanese cellphones. They create nothing because their culture considers a "good" education learning the Koran, and science and math to be heretical. They live like goddamn primitives, buy our modern conveniences, yet attack the culture that created them! These people are the ultimate hypocrites!

I certainly don't want some kind of "holy war" against muslims, but if they want to fight one, I say we revisit the crusades and put these people back in their place.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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