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Hub cops gear up to quell trouble: More than 600 officers hope to prevent rioting.

By Michele McPhee and Dave Wedge
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Boston police will flood Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall and any college area ``trouble spots'' with more than 600 city cops and hundreds of representatives from other regional law enforcement agencies, as the Patriots play in the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

``We are going all out this year. It will be a decidedly different night than it was last year,'' said one Boston police supervisor who was briefed on the beef-up.

Last year, the son of a state police trooper was killed during post-Super Bowl victory rioting.

More than 100 of those police officers - assigned to the drug unit and Youth Violence Strike Force - will be in tactical riot gear and positioned at ``key spots'' in the city, including the streets around Fenway Park and outside dormitories around Northeastern University, police sources said.

None of those officers will use the pepper-spray pellet gun, a ``non-lethal'' weapon that accidentally killed 21-year-old Victoria Snelgrove last October, police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole said yesterday.

Snelgrove was shot in the face with a pepper ball fired into an unruly crowd that had begun to riot around Fenway Park, setting cars ablaze and vandalizing property in the wake of the Red Sox' American League championship win over the New York Yankees.

``We've shelved the use of that weapon pending the outcome of our investigation,'' into the Snelgrove shooting, O'Toole said.

Officers will have other crowd-control tools available including pepper Mace or gas canisters if unrest breaks out should the Patriots again win the Super Bowl, O'Toole said.

``Police will have some alternatives available,'' she said. ``We certainly don't want to leave police with guns only or sticks only. We always look to use the least force available to us.''

Among those alternatives will be cops on horseback and police canines trained for crowd control, police sources said.

Boston cops will be assisted by hundreds of officers from regional law enforcement agencies - swelling the number of police representatives to more than 1,000, several sources said. The operation will run out of a unified command center and will be controlled by a Boston police superintendent, another high-ranking police official said.

A similar strategy was used the night the Red Sox won the World Series, the source said.

``We do not anticipate any problems,'' that source said. ``But we will be prepared if we face any.''

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SP press release

On Tuesday February 1, 2005 at about 08:30 a.m. State Police from the Concord Barracks and Air Wing Section assisted Beford Police Department with a foot pursuit.

Bedford Police requested the assistance of the State Police Air Wing Section after they attempted to stop a vehicle that failed to stop. The subject then fled on foot at which time a perimeter was established jointly by Bedford Police Department and the State Police. Moments later, Trooper Kevin Callahan of the Concord Barracks saw a vehicle with an occupant fitting the description of the subject.

Trooper Callahan approached the vehicle and identified the subject. The subject was subsequently turned over to members of the Bedford Police Department.

This is a good example of Local and State Police working together to protect the public.

Wolfman";p="55420 said:
Probably because SP doesn't pervasively seek notoriety in the media, they do their job and are done with it. No grandstanding necessary. And there are still those who would say the SP are the ones with the ego problems...when it's obvious that someone else has the media #1 on the speed dial list.

Remember, the press are a fickle bedfellow. Lay with wolves and you stay warm for a night and become their meal the next morning.

Some how I think the regional teams are here to stay as long as they are being used.

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Wolfman";p="55420 said:
Probably because SP doesn't pervasively seek notoriety in the media, they do their job and are done with it. No grandstanding necessary.
Wolfman";p="55420 said:
Wolfee baby, Tell me you're a part time comedian at night, please.
If not, you missed your calling. The state police don't grandstand?
AaAhhhhhaahhhhaaaaaa. Sorry but, but aaahhhahahahha. There it is again. You're too much.

Topcop, you can be sure that these teams will be around. With war and terrorism, these groups will only grow. Don't forget son.. Nemlec has been around since 1963. That's 42 years. They're the oldest tac team in the state and have between 35-40 communities. {Oldest not to incude the biggest municipalities}

Recently they were trying for Boston, Cambridge and Somerville.
They now have Somerville. Pretty soon anyone that doesn't have their own team will be joining a regional team. Remember, these Chiefs did not become Chiefs because they lack knowledge and don't know what's going on. They're Chiefs for a reason. They understand what policing in the new millenium is all about.
You have it from MrKnowledge, and you can take that to the bank my friend!

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Wow Wolfee, deleting posts before it's actually read by anyone. Does Gil know you do that? Posts that are dealing with the the future of Nemlec? No swearing, no bashing, just a prediction about the future of regional teams. It bothers you that much? You poor guy.

Wolfee. there was a lot of state grandstanding in Bedford. So much so that I fell off the couch while watching the news. It was funny watching 10 troopers strutting around like peacocks, jocking to see who could get closest to the camera. No..No grandstanding. The Msp wrote the book on grandstanding. Don't they spend a week at the academy on this subject? Oh, and you wouldn't see it in todays newspaper.. today anyway. By horseback, you should get it Sunday.

I will repost what you deleted earlier.

Topcop, you can bet that these regional teams are here to stay. With war and the constant threat of terrorism, these teams will only grow. Don't forget son, Nemlec was established in 1963. That's 42 years. They have 35-40 communities and were recently trying for Boston, Cambridge and Somervile. They now have Somerville and Medford. Most cities and towns that don't have their own team will eventually join. Don't forget, these Chiefs did not get to be Chiefs from lack of knowledge.
They know what's going on, and know how to best equip the cities and towns for policing in the millenium. There you have it from MrKnowledge. You can take that to the bank.

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Wolfee, why such an immature response? Did I hit a soft spot?
I hope you don't lose your patience with the public that quick.

Because I disagree and don't write what you like, you call me a liar?
I dare either one of you to prove the above post about Nemlec to be a lie. If you can, I will apologize. If not, the rest of the members here will once again know why you wear knee high boots. {It's deep}.

Once again, there is no job envy here. I drove a tow truck when I was 17, the CVS care van doesn't pay enough, and I refuse to wear the colors of the cowardly French.

Now stop talking like big shots and back-up what you say with facts!
Everyone is watching!
I''ll start for you since I'm sure niether one of you know how to conduct an investigation.

History {From Nemlec web page}.

NEMLEC was established in 1963 when several local police chiefs began meeting informally to share information and discuss common problems. The original communities were Burlington, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn.

The Council is very much a product of the turbulent social and political struggles of the 1960's. The increase in crime and disorder associated with "suburban sprawl" as people migrated from the larger cities, the development of the Interstate Highway System, the Civil Rights Movement, and the growing resistance to the Vietnam War threatened to overwhelm the serenity of many quaint, idyllic New England towns.

NEMLEC has evolved over the years to address the ever-changing demands placed upon the law enforcement profession by providing a system for the dissemination of information among law enforcement agencies and through mutual assistance and logistical support to meet the immediate requirements of an emergency or unusual situation.

The NEMLEC police chiefs formally incorporated the organization on July 3, 1969, and on that date the Council's Tactical Police Force (TPF) was created. By this time, the total number of member communities had increased to twenty-two.

While the Council has continued to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the times, it has been guided by a set of Enduring Principals:

Local officials retain control within their community;

Enhance regional services through adoption of emerging technologies;

Increase efficiency and cost effectiveness of member departments through mutual partnerships;

Ensure communications, coordination, and interaction between member agencies;

Provide continuous professional development and training based upon identified regional needs;

Strive to uphold the core values of professional policing through ethical decision making based upon integrity, morality, and respect for the dignity and diversity of all.

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Werewolf I give you credit that was a good one. Baghdad bob :lol:

But again is there some sort of contest among troopers getting on camera. As soon as there is a flake of snow on the road every TV channel will a different Super Trooper telling the public that the roads are slippery. When was the time a rank and file street cop was on TV. It does not happen very often. But it must be my imagination as Super Troopers do not grand stand for the media. :lol:

I don't have the history on CEMLEC but it was in operation before sept.11. Now I have heard several people here bitching the the SP is not getting its fair share of money. Didn't the they just get a new
"EM 50 " :p

How much did that cost? I remember seeing pictures of it on this board and I will wager it cost more then any the the LECs have. Don't get me wrong I am sure it is a great tool and will get quite a bit of use.

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Wolfman";p="55540 said:
You sound jealous though. When was the last time the news came to your station to ask for a comment on something? Did you accept or did you turn them away? Does your department have a policy on granting interviews? Maybe they just don't want to talk to you.
Not jealous, The last thing I want is to have my mug in the paper or on the tube. However the media was at our station about two weeks ago. and yes there is a department policy on who can talk to the media. Patrolman is not one of them.
I will try to find the link to the new SP toy for you. You do know what the EM 50 is from I hope?

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MSP Troopers are ORDERED to tallk to the media for those "Stories" about Holiday weekends, storms, driving, etc...

The Junior Trooper gets stuck with it.

It's not like they are clamoring to get on the news, trust me.

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Wolfee. there was a lot of state grandstanding in Bedford. So much so that I fell off the couch while watching the news. It was funny watching 10 troopers strutting around like peacocks, jocking to see who could get closest to the camera..
Mr. Uninformed, It doesn't surprise me that you "fell off your couch" while being an armchair quarterback of an incident that you watched on TV, and did not actively engage in...other than to throw your biased, and perverse opinion at us all from behind your keyboard.

MSP made the arrest of this RAT, but few of you know this because it was not reported as such. In fact, the arresting Trooper declined to be interviewed, and was just happy to assist fellow cops who were looking for a bad guy...PERIOD. However, Bedford PD had every chance to give credit where credit was due, but unfortunately did not, either.

The SP-press release was from the MSP website (after the fact), not even disseminated to other outlets. Grandstanding you say?... I say not.

When Mr. Knowledge sees a bunch of Troopers on TV, shortly after the arrest of a wanted subject, it has more to do with the truest of blue- backing-up one of their own...and the consequently all too familiar media presence at these sort of things (no doubt hoping to catch one of the good guys violating the bad guys civil rights on camera).

Some might think that the media is there to comfort the afflicted, but they've also been known to afflict the comfortable. Remember what their motto is..."If it Bleeds, It Leads" as a story.
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