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Reflexologist on trial for giving a patient an orgasm to cure her knees

A WOMAN was told by a reflexologist her aching knees would get better if he gave
her an orgasm with a vibrating massager, a jury heard yesterday.

Stuart Hill, 57, allegedly said he was using a Chinese "hormone therapy"
technique, which was banned in Britain.

It is claimed he then placed the device on intimate spots and licked the
woman's breasts.

Prosecutor Amanda Rippon told Durham Crown Court: "He told her she
needed to be orgasmic. She began to think this was legitimate therapy.

"She began to feel better and told her husband the defendant was a
miracle worker. He was just taking advantage."

Hill, of Brandon, Co Durham, denies nine sex assault and indecency
charges. Case continues.

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Haven't female massage therapists practiced this same treatment on men for centuries?? I think it has a medical term happienditis.

In related news............ This guys patient list has quadrupled since the story broke. There are fat, ugly women lined up down the block at 8am........
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