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Recall roulette: You could be driving on dangerous tires

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    Recall roulette: You could be driving on dangerous tires

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    WASHINGTON —Federal safety officials Tuesday are expected to announce the results of an unprecedented, year-long investigation into how recalled and potentially dangerous tires often remain on the road, unbeknownst to American drivers, ABC News reported.

    The investigation was launched by the National Transportation Safety Board last May in the wake of a deadly traffic accident involving a tire that had been recalled.

    An ABC News investigation at the time found the government's recall system woefully inadequate, leaving millions of tires in use, on store shelves or simply unaccounted for.

    Undercover reporters from ABC stations in Atlanta and San Francisco found recalled tires still for sale at some retail outlets.

    Last year the NTSB estimated there are “400 to 500 deaths a year, at least, from crashes involving tire-initiated events," including tires that could have been underinflated, punctured or suffered from other pre-existing problems.

    The Rubber Manufacturers Association disputed that number, putting the estimate at approximately 200 fatalities per year, citing other NTSB figures.

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    The year-long NTSB investigation was triggered, in part, by a fatal accident in Florida involving a church van with a defective tire that apparently neither mechanics nor church officials were aware had been recalled a year earlier.

    Danger on Wheels? Feds Set to Announce Tire Investigation Results

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